Well with the way time flies right before our eyes nowadays, someone had better hold me before I trip and fall on my way to the next class ,”Says the avid college student every parent desires to have.TAKE OFF SHOES

It is definitely no secret that we have no time, contrary to a poet who writes that AFRICA HAS TIME, in fact he says “The rest of the world wear watches, but Africa owns time.”

Whether you think we have enough time or not, the fact remains that we need time. We need time to spend with our loved ones, to get our work done, to watch movies, to watch Arsenal lose game after game (no offence). I am just a sucker for memes and Arsenal just happened from last night.So yeah, of course I need time for my daily dose of memes. Like how do you just get through a day without memes?? I just keeeeent!!

Sometimes however we do take time for granted in different ways. We let it slip right through our fingers without having added value to it. How do you even say time is money and you did not add any value to it?? Yeah, check again or should I say cheque again(cause what you put has just been dishonoured)= no value. We also steal time through procrastination or would you rather that i call it rescheduling. You want to steal time and reclaim it later, go on, go ahead but remember your days are numbered cause the time you have is not forever.

We have 24 hours a day allocated to us for seven days in a week but the question is how do you use your time? Do not be a lazy bum and expect time to wait for you. A second make a difference, a life can be lost or saved just in one second. So don’t start whining that you are busy and don’t have time. I mean don’t we all need time too?


The key to getting by each and every day and utilizing it is simple. It is called balance. Figure outย what you need to do, what you like to do and what you want to do.After that, arrange those three in order or priority and do all that each and every day. Trust me you will not regret a minute of your day.

Keep moving, time does not stop for you.







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