We have failed ourselves time and time again. We have let other people validate us according to their vision. What we fail to remember is that their vision could be marred, tainted or dictated by society. This pretty much means that it is biased and does not see clearly and equally. Why then subject ourselves to people who have worn sunglasses and hence do not see light?IMG_20170117_185244

It is time we love ourselves first then other people can share in our vision on how we see ourselves. It is very unfortunate that there is an apparent standard of perfection that has to be attained. We have seen this in various aspects be it academic, extra-curricular activities and most of all BEAUTY. I mean when did we only have one definition of beauty? When did we agree and consent that one meagre perception should apply to all. Who did we tell that we cannot carry our hips or we want them a bit larger. Which contract did you sign to give up eating carbs just so you stayed slender? Who dictated what plus size is? Who set a limit to the size of certain beautiful clothes should be? Why can’t all of us get body hugging and flattering clothes? Why do some of us have to settle for baggy clothes close to the size of our curtains? Others have to reduce the sizes so that they can fit. Is it really fair??

Why then can we not change this template that we have carried for so long.Why have we let society go back on its word, when they told us to accept ourselves as we are(be you).Only for the next statement to be(like this). How can I be me and be me in your way? One has to give and its unfortunate we are the ones who give in. What happened to beauty being skin deep?

Where are those people who will not view us against that biased view of beauty. Who will share with our vision and have no problem with that? Where is that friend who sees beyond your layer of skin? Where is that friend who sees your heart?WhatsApp Image 2016-09-11 at 20.33.54

Where is that person whose conversation does not start with, I see nowadays life is taking you well…What have you been eating that we aren’t(what do you think?? I have been ordering pounds of fat every meal??)


Why are we killing people. I have refused to die and love myself too. What about you? Don’t you think that just maybe you should go and love yourself.








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