He seemed to be the perfect guy and she was just a young girl in love for the first time,

Oh how sweet it was to find love,

To feel her heart beat as fast as drums,

He had this killer smile, that just made her melt,

oh my,

The way he looked at her was out of this world,

It was the kind of look you give at night as you gaze upon a starry sky,

Pure delight and bliss,

She couldn’t believe that it was a reality,

They were a couple now and as normal,

walked down the streets, arm in arm,

Along the beach hands held together,

He was perfect.

But he did not know God,

Something that she had not been keen on knowing from the start,

She could not understand,

how he could love her if he didn’t know God.

I mean, countless times she had read from the Bible,

that God is love and those who are His live in love,

He still a child of God right?

So she thought she would draw him to Him,

He was not in the least receptive,

and soon enough things then changed,

He became irritable, but she could not stand the thought of leaving him.

She held on to him hoping he would find,

the Greater Love in the one who holds our future,

She thinks he will change and believes their love is true,

But at the the back of her head,

Doubt encompasses her thoughts,

She questions,

Will he really change?

Is this what being unequally yoked looks like?

Should she be a little more patient?


But what if she is wrong?


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