Will I have a story to tell my children?

Don’t we all love stories?

I have never really experienced those situations where you read in books, you know how someone’s grandma used to tell them stories and stuff. Well if you have had the chance of knowing how it feels like good for you.

Nevertheless, I am indeed grateful that I am not without storytelling friends who even have an A++ in exaggeration. (I am sure you already pictured someone in your head and let out a small laugh.)

Writing a story about something you have not gone through or you are unfamiliar with is definitely strenuous and cannot be compared to writing about what happened in your life. It was like those compositions you would sometimes get in school. Like for instance write about life in space. Like what bruh?bruhh

Sometimes though, our lives can seem pretty boring until you wonder if you have been living at all.

I watched on Ted Talks a video with the title “To raise brave girls, encourage adventure.” Whose adventure filled life have you seen seem boring? No one.

Well some of us know for a fact that the only adventure you can have is you going upcountry and apparently doing the things your mother used to do as a child. Mind you those are the same things she used in trying to show you just how ‘privileged‘ you are as compared to her.(sigh!)

You know what?

At least I am young and people tell me I got my whole life ahead of me. Our life nowadays is pretty fast and things just change pap.

I am working on being a better me each and every day. Grabbing opportunities that I stumble upon here and there. I know for a fact that the pen is mine and my life has blank chapters still.

What I choose to write in those chapters are my story.

I guess after all, I will have a story to tell my children.

I have a feeling it will be a long story.


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