It is one of those moments yet again.

I am having 2:00 am thoughts. It is so quiet all around me right now that my thoughts are damn loud.

These are the moments that people are most honest, or so I hear.

That does not matter to me because all the people in my contact list are asleep. I know a few who would pick if I called but nah, I am not about that life.

And so it is a never ending war between my thoughts and I. Worse still, yes you guessed it. I am the OVERTHINKER!


I wonder how the flower feels.

To be given to people as a gift.

How does it feel to be the cause of someone’s joy.

To be admired in good times and still be fit for not so good ones,

like when laying loved ones to rest.

I wonder if I will be that to somebody.


I wonder how the water feels.

To be able to clean up one’s dirt and mess.

To quench thirst.

To sustain life within it.

To provide recreation for families and friends.

To enhance growth for the crops.

O! what joy to the farmer.

I wonder if I will be that to someone.


I wonder how true love feels like.

To be able to die for a friend?

There is no love greater than this.

To be able to keep on giving even when hurt.

To be able to forgive and forget when wronged.

I have not found that kind of love in people yet.

I am craving for this kind of love.

I wonder if i will experience it with someone.


And so we call it a night.

Waiting for the thoughts to linger another day.Β 

Tomorrow I shall read about heaven.

Just so my mind will think about it.

Oh! I can already hear the angels singing.

It is glorious!




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