“Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is believing you’re worthy of the trip.” 
 -Glenn Beck- 

A friend of mine narrated an interesting encounter she had had just last weekend. She had gone shopping for some thrift clothes at a certain market. The people she met there selling were very interesting. One had been shouting that a certain item of clothing cost 200 shillings. What a steal! She must have thought. Here comes the funny part. As she went to his stall, she as expected identified a certain piece she liked and ended up giving him the 200 shillings. Only for this young lad to show her some tiny scribbled figures “x3″. He further went on to demand that she now pays 600 shillings for that. Can you imagine?

You think that one is funny wait till I tell you about the second one. Now this one was ranting  “mia,mia,mia,” which just means ” going for a hundred shillings, get yourself one for a hundred shillings. So she once again went on again to check what this guy had up for sale. This time she picked like three items and held them out for the guy to see and handed him 300 shillings. Guess what this guy told her?

He said, the fact that he had said “mia” three times he meant that one item went for 300 shillings. So basically, these two guys were trying to short change my friend.

There are indeed other instances where in one or another we have been short-changed by people around us. For those of us who are students you may have probably experienced this in a group you have yourself in.

Another such instance happens in relationships.(Which by now you may have noticed, or not, that I am passionate about.) A couple of times, I see couples( yes I am being punny. Is there such a word? Pun intended though.

It is not fair to be short-changed in such circumstances. All should give 100% and receive 100%. It is really a give and take and not a give or take. When you give the other party 50% you are short-changing them. We are all too worthy to worthy to be content with just crumbs and bits. Do not let yourself fall victim of such.


You are too worthy to be short-changed boo.

Know you worth!

Claim your worth!








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