You are the author

Well it’s 2018.

New Year New me and all those types of sentiments went around quite a lot earlier on this week.

All around people mostly seem positive for this New year, New challenges to overcome, New goals set and aims to achieve. Good stuff definitely, I would be lying if I said I didn’t share in some of these sentiments. I really have so much I want to work including myself as a priority.

This year unfolds blank pages to both you and me. The pen is ours to write on these pages. Notice I say pen and not pencil. Pen is harder to erase as when compared to a pencil where one easily erases what he or she has written. But that’s it with days. Days pass because time lapses and we cannot go back in time. We cannot go back to yesterday and relive it as many times as we want. However we can definitely live the best way we possibly can at the moment.

Just as there’s a bottle full of ink, we have a year full of days. Days have not yet run out for you and I to still make this year count.

There’s plenty of ink to refill your pen. Though should you spill the ink on a book there’s great damage that is seen. There’s also wastage. That too can happen when we decide to make wrong decisions and refuse to learn from the mistakes we made last year. We will be spilling the ink and we won’t finish the 2018th edition of our life. A disaster for sure !

Hence let’s dive in with wisdom this year.

Shall we have ourselves the best year yet?

I know i will.



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