“It is taboo”, she was told.

This was a phrase that had filled her ears one too many times by now. All that she was told was because it was taboo there were great repercussions should anyone have been caught doing it. Generations to generations norms were passed down and no one was allowed to question why it was so even though times had changed. It seemed like questioning traditions was taboo in itself.

Hence Mary was caught between a rock and a hard spot. This is her story.

Born and raised in the village of Uka, she was fortunate to attend school. She had been born into a wealthy family and hence she could enjoy the privilege of education. While attending school she met Aisha who she grew so fond of and within no time they were they were the best of friends.

They were inseparable really. Where one was, you would be sure to find the other. Their friendship grew much stronger as the years progressed.

They had been in the same school all through till this point. So it was obvious that when joining campus they would be roommates. Both their parents were okay with this arrangement despite the fact that the college they attended was in the city.

Here were Aisha and Mary in the big city for the first time. The city had so many big buildings and shops. It was an amazing experience for the both of them. While in college they saw how many girls used to be picked by many men during the night time. It seemed that life used to awaken in the night. Some of their other friends whom they had made used to go out partying. It seemed like partying in college was a new tradition of its own. Soon enough they too in a bid to fit in followed the ‘traditions’ of college.

It was much more difficult for Aisha to go as she was used to covering up herself in clothing as people of her faith used to do. However, since in the city, if you were to go out you would be dressed for the occasion only if you had the least amount of clothing on your body she too had to soon adapt.

Here they were in a club for the first time in their lives. They had decided that they would go just the two of them and since it was the first time they would make sure to only have one glass of alcohol each since they had not consumed alcohol before. The club was filled with the booming sound of music, there were so many people inside, some were busting moves on the dance floor, and others were at the bartenders gulping glasses after another and further into a corner was a secluded section where they saw men with bulging bellies sitted with girls who looked their age all around them. They did not need any explanation to figure out what was happening over there. By this moment they had started feeling the club vibes and the hype that was going on and slowly found themselves nodding their heads to the sound of the beats. They then made their way to the bartender to purchase their desired drinks. While sitted there, they noticed across the room a man who was stealing glances at them. He winked at them and they found themselves giggling. They seemed to enjoy the attention that the man was giving to them. In no time the man approached them and then requested that hey be given another round of drinks. Aisha was reluctant about having another glass and whispered into Mary’s ears to remind her of the agreement that they had made about the number of drinks that they would have. Mary who had already started being tipsy just laughed and told Aisha to stop being so uptight and accept the drinks as a good gesture from the man. They then continued drinking and drinking till they were so drunk to even walk straight.

Luckily, John who was their classmate manged to spot them in the club and on seeing their condition decided to take them back to their hostels.

He left them at the door and Mary and Aisha got into their room. They just lay in bed as they were without changing their clothes. In bed they found themselves facing each other and their eyes interlocked for a moment. As Mary looked into the eyes of Aisha she felt something inside her change. There was a feeling of anxiety that had suddenly struck and on looking at Aisha she felt that she was oh so beautiful. Could she be in love with her best friend ?How would that even settle with her parents? It must not be right she thought.


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