Hello there dear reader!
It has been a couple of weeks since I posted but worry not, I am back.
I assure you that there is amazing content cooking.
However, for now LET’S TAKE STOCK FOR MARCH!!

Making : the most of my time.
Cooking :more often than I eat out.
Drinking : the Kericho Gold mood teas.
Reading : ” Her body and other parties.”
Wanting : to have a bubble bath, but it’s kind of too hot, but I want to do it. I do.
Looking : out for all the opportunities coming my way.
Wishing : someone would surprise me a complete set of hair care products.
Wondering : if I should make an apple cake. I kind of want to…
Pondering : anew what the Almighty can do.
Listening : to podcasts nowadays.
Buying :stuff from @urbanstyleke (a thrift shop on ig)
Hoping : to meet my 2018 goals.
Needing : some of my friends to be more patient with me. Life has been hard to me.
Questioning : every damn thing!
Wearing : my game face overtime.
Noticing : a lot of things about myself.
Knowing : when to let go and when to press on.

Getting : merciless cravings daily!
Feeling : some typa  way.
Pretending : to be on top of things, mostly.
Embracing : the parts of me no one claps for.




6 thoughts on “TAKING STOCK : MARCH

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  1. Looking forward to seeing bigger content, fellow Miss Kireki!!

    Sips Kericho Gold Lemon and ginger tea😀


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