Honey! You had better grab that cuppa tea need to sip up for this.

(It’s a true story btw, It happened at the then Nakumatt Moi Avenue )

Let me get you the context for this first.

This particlular incident happens after your girl has already encountered material on feminism and more specifically watched Chimamanda’s talk ” WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS”


Of special interest is the situation where she narrated that after going shopping with her male friend, she requested a potter to assist in carrying the luggage to her vehicle. She then hands to him her hard earned money for his service. The guy then turns to the guy she is with and says “THANK YOU SIR!”

My story starts…..

I am in Nairobi town and my friend calls me up.

He says he is also around town and would like to meet me for a while before I go home. Being the good friend I am, I agree to be patient and wait for him.

Since he takes kinda long, I begin to feel hungry (which if you know me by now should not be a surprise to you). So when he arrives I suggest that we go to the nearest supermarket and grab a bite.

In the business of buying food, I also pick yoghurt for him so that he could taste some brand I had been obsessing over at that time.  We afterwards proceed to the counter.

(Here is where you sip quikcly)

So now, since I was paying, he obviously went ahead of me and stood where the items were being packed and I stood next to the cashier to see the bill so that I pay.

The bill comes through, I remove my money from the purse (I really cannot call it hard earned as my mum was the sole provider then) and hand it over to the cashier.

Then guess what happened?

guess what

This cashier had the audacity to give the balance and the receipt to my friend yet I was the one who gave him the money from a purse, not a wallet so that he could have maybe assumed it was the guy’s.

To add salt to injury, do you know he had to drag his chair behind so that he could stretch his hand to hand over the receipt to my friend.

It was that day that I related with Chimamanda’s expereince.



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  1. I just think this is the humour part of life…I mean, what’s the big deal? Kwetu every time someone marries a lady skilled in home keeping he thanks her momma. No dad has ever complained even if the momma was absentee


    1. People deserve their dues/respect/honour/credit for what they’ve done ..It’s a big deal orf that doesn’t happen and because it’s acceptable in other places for others to get that…doesn’t make it right.


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