Hello there dear reader.Welcome to storytime Fridays.

This is probably the most requested piece and so finally here it is. It is the continuation of ”TABOO” .You can follow the link to remind yourself or if you had not read it previously you will do yourself justice to follow this link. TABOO .

Just to be clear, this is not a true story and the names used make no reference to any particular people.

Without further ado, here is the last bit. Enjoy!

No! That’s sick!I can’t possibly be in love with Aisha” Mary tried to convince herself. However, with each second longer that she stared at that face. A face so smooth and soft, a complexion like that of walnuts the stronger the desire grew.😍

But how could she have summoned the courage to confess this to Aisha.

🌙Night went and morning came.🌞

The rays of the sun hit the bedroom window.

Aisha woke up and as other days, Mary was already up. Being the kind of person who struggles to wake up, it took some tossing and turning before she officially woke up.(like  an hour later)

She afterwards went straight to the kitchen to get something real quick to eat because well…hangover..

“There’s nothing to eat? I thought Mary would have prepared something by now!”

So she just whipped up some sausages and eggs and had her tea.

She went to eat in the living room when she noticed a brown envelope on the table.

“Is it already end month?😱 It’s just the 23rd! Ah! Well I will just wait for Mary to return so that I give her the money to go and deposit as she always does,” Aisha thought to herself.

Meanwhile, she feasted on her meal and in no time she was done.

About two hours passed and Mary had not even texted to say where she had disappeared off to. So she just decided to go on ahead and read the letter.

As she picked the envelope and upon closer examination, she noticed that it had been addressed to her personally.

The letter read as follows:

My dear friend Aisha,

I don’t even know where to begin from.All my life my most valued treasure had been the fact that you were my best friend.

However, over time, I have felt a greater and stronger desire towards you. Feelings that I am not supposed  to have towards you. I have learnt to love everything about you. I could not imagine my life without you. But my love is a forbidden love, TABOO! I know right now you are in shock but that is the truth. That is what I truly feel. If I stay here, they will not understand. If you feel the same way, come to where I am. I know a place where no one knows us, where no one cares. I shall wait for you at the port and if by 4pm you shall not have come then I will assume that you do not feel the same way and you will never see me again.

Yours with love, Mary.



So many thoughts went through Aisha’s head. Her parents had already found her a husband. Yet here was Mary, whom she indeed loved as a friend and had grown so fond of all her life. She could not stand the thought of losing her friend but then yet again did she have it in her to live a lie and say she felt the same way?

Whatever  her decison, she had to make it fast. It was about 2:45pm and it was about an hour to the port.

She resolved that the least she could do was to go and say goodbye in person.

On arrival at he port, she spotted Mary at a certain area, near where the ships were docked. Mary on seeing her ran to her full of happiness and joy, convinced that what Aisha and her shared was indeed magical. Why else would she have come?

After the long hug, with tears flowing from her eyes, Aisha told Mary that she did not feel the same way.

“This story could end in different ways,” Mrs. Mbadi went on to say.”I used this story to show that there is an increasing need for tough conversations to be held. So many young people are going through rough patches but just because something is regarded as queer or unorthodox feel that they have already been condemned to silence and thus they cannot share.They will just be brushed off or even segregated and cast out. It is either wrong or wrong and that is it. Declaring certain things as “TABOO”as I have used does not solve anything. It is time we have these tough conversations.”

That day as I went back home after the talk I could not help but wonder what I would do in such a situation.

I could wait to wait to get home and share what I learnt from Mrs Mbadi.( aside from the fact that she’s a good storyteller.)

I hope though that when in such a scenario I will be brave enough to talk about it.

I bet you didn’t see that coming!

This marks the end of the story.

What are your sentiments on talking about these things that we don’t talk about. These tough conversations. Share with me down below in the comments section.


Let’s meet again next Friday for another storytime session.


8 thoughts on “TABOO : PART 2

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  1. Oh that’s unexpected ending😂😂
    Ok,gone are the times we used to shy away from having tough conversations.I agree that we should master the courage and talk about things that we dont talk about.

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  2. Leave alone tough conversation what about we just start conversations on simple matters.
    Communication is an important way of life .Something I feel is a big issue in our generation.Simple things like stating intentions say in dating.Communication would save way sooo much more time .

    Liked by 1 person

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