Hello there and welcome to our SELF CARE Tuesdays series.

What is self care?

This is a question that I hope we will be able to answer in our own personal way by the time we complete our series. The aim of this series will be to give all of us pointers on the various aspects of our being that we need to take care of.

Moreover, with this series I shall endeavour to also include topics that cuts across both sexes. (For this I will definitely need to consult with the guys so that I have their input.)

“When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.”
– Jean Shinoda Bolen –



Today’s special feature falls under Personal Self Care : Hair

Kinks and Curls.

Natural hair is the new baby in town! The naturalista community is quickly spreading the wave and my oh my are many people joining this bandwagon.

Africans are embracing their kinks and curls. It is just amazing. I speak about this with so much joy beacuse it is the crown I wear. This however does not mean that I regard those with relaxed hair any less. Do you girl! Do you!

Now, when you have type 4 hair, trust me it can be a tad bit much especially when you are new to this natural hair “manenos”. Many indeed claim that they have in one way or another struggled to care for it. Maintenance is hard and can we not talk about the price right now! However, the beauty is that when you show your hair some love it will be good to you and you will see progress. Progress does not mean length alone but health too.

I will now quickly share with you a few tips that have seen me through my 1 year post big chop journey.

1.Washing natural hair is essential.

Keep that scalp and hair clean! For a good wash,use non-sulphate shampoos(a lot of shampoos have sulphate).I recommend blacksoap.In case black soap is expensive for you,you can co-wash using conditioners.This softens your hair making it easy to comb.


I just cannot stress this enough! Avoid heat as much as possible in fact totally.Heat damages hair making it have split ends.Embrace your shrinkage, do not be scared when hair shrinks.

dev 1.jpeg


Your hair needs to be moist. That is the first thing.That being said, let me quickly clarify something.Oil is not a moisturizer but water is.What oil does is seal in the moisture,no wonder heat is not good for your hair;it dries it off.


Combing hair continuously is not advisable. Protective hairstyles are good as they ensure as little manipulation of hair as possible. Styles you can consider include: bantu knots,twistouts,tying turbans and flat twists among others.

The most important thing is to learn your hair,know your hair type. In this age where there is so much information available you will be doing yourself injustice if you don’t research. Then finally, bepatient,hair doesn’t grow in one day!

dev 2
Look at that! One year strong!


My regime







f)Aloeverajuicerinse g)moisturize


dev 3
This is Devian Kwmaboka. The guest writer today on this blog. This special feature was written by her and only editing done by Miss Kireki. Kinks and curls have never looked more gracious.!



I think we may just invite Devian over again to expound on her regime!I hope that you enjoyed the piece and have learnt a thing or two about natural hair.

We shall feature hair again and include those with relaxed hair and guys and their fros and beard gang maybe?

I hope it’s going to be an exciting journey for all of us and by the time the year comes to an end and we look back, we shall see the great strides we have made to the best versions of ourselves.

See you again next Tuesday as we continue with this series.

Also if you want to appear as a guest on my blog or anything of that sort send me an email at so that we talk business. Who knows? We might just introduce a special features day.

Have yourselves a great week.



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    1. It is where you hear oil eg coconut oil. Wet hair, if it is not already wet. Massage the oil into your scalp using fingertips dipped in the hot oil. Then you can cover your hair for like 30 minutes . Afterwards, wash and rinse hair thoroughly.

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