Happy New Month you guys!! I can’t believe that it’s already April. I feel like February was just the other day. Don’t you?

Anyway, welcome back to Selfcare Tuesdays. For today we are taking stock, just because….new month.

Really this is just a way of being accountable.

Making : the most of my time. (I have two posts per week guys, I mean…)

Drinking : a whole lot water! Is anyone of you in Mombasa currently? PLEASE HYDRATE!

Reading: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman and so far so good!(Thank you Wanjiku for this !!) I will also insert a quick question right here. (Would you want to read a book review by me? If so please leave a comment after this post and if you have a book in mind include it in your comment)

Wanting: to be the best version of myself.

Looking: like a 10 in my recents.😆 Sindio?

Playing: around with ideas

Deciding: to be more intentional with the things I am doing.

Wishing: my bestie the bestest birthday in advance!

Enjoying: the conversations I am having with certain people. (It’s going down in the dms I tell you)😉

Waiting: to see God surprise me with His goodness.

Liking: the instagram templates.

Wondering: what first impressions people had of me when we met.

Loving: the support I am getting from friends in eveything I am doing. You are all just the best❤❤❤. See.🙈🙈….you’re even reading my blog posts. Thank You!!🌼

Considering: doing something crazy with my hair. Still figuring out what exactly though.

Buying: online magazines like Forbes Women Africa!

Hoping: that as I live my life I inspire others. That my actions preach all kinds of truth!

Marvelling: at the fact that I’ve achieved two of the goals I had set for myself this year. #noexcuses

Cringing: at the thought of failure!

Needing: a mini getaway like right now. Someone surprise me 😊

Questioning: the intentions of a lot of people.

Wearing: bigger smiles on my face.

Knowing:that I don’t have to settle for less.

Thinking: about how much I am able to do with my time on earth. So help me God.

Admiring: people who still afford smiles even when they are passing through storms. That too shall pass 😉

Getting: the hang of blogging. Learning new things daily. Surely you’ve noticed the different colour scheme? 😅

Opening:twitter like after every 15 minutes. So hooked!
Giggling:at my old photos 😂😂

Feeling: hella tired on most days. Could be due to oversleeping perhaps.

Next Tuesday we will have a men’s special edition.

Watch out for it 😊


19 thoughts on “TAKING STOCK : APRIL

Add yours

  1. So about Wondering nikona first impression 😂 inox for details
    About Loving aaaawww I’ve felt the love as your faithful reader hehe😄
    About getting yes I also love the theme. I noted the change hadi I thought my browser has loaded in someone’s blog lol 😂
    About admiring you are that insipration 😄
    Then there’s that one you’ve hinted a getaway. We together in this. Ama let’s surprise ourselves Venchichi 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ventura, you outdid yourself with the new color theme in your blog! In fact, it was the first thing I noticed, and yes, cheers to consistency and all the goodness you are promoting!

    Then, i am all for the book review (😃😃😃 you know how books excite me) … you should do a review of that book you were reading sometime back , ‘ her body and its parties’( not sure of its title)

    Liked by 1 person

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