SELFCARE : Men’s Edition

First all don’t come at me cause of the featured image. I just like it!

Well many people may think that self care is just for women.

It is to be expected seeing as all this craze about self care is mostly spoken of by women but men need self-care too.

I remember sometime earlier this year when I was watching news and they featured a certain region where a good number of men have welcomed the idea of mani pedis (manicures and pedicures) with some even visiting the salons twice a week! Even I myself don’t do that .

It is hard to speak on this as a lady but I think that there are some general tips that can applicable for men too.

The following are a few things that I think guys can do to show themselves a little more love and also in turn reflect self love

  • I’m not saying that looks are everything. All I’m saying is that it doesn’t hurt to actually comb and trim your hair. Get that much needed haircut. Also connecting beards are a thing!
  • At a time where there are products for men such as lotions and butters there is really no excuse to be looking ashy (kuparara). Mind your skin.
  • Getting massages are a thing too. It’s okay to ease the tension and relax. Catch a breath please!
  • If you can get a manicure and pedicure good for you. This doesn’t mean you get your nails polished 🙊. Your nails can just be cut and you can get a good foot wash.
  • Sleep in once month or as often as you need. If you’re always waking up early daily and all. One Sunday or something excuse the alarm and just sleep till you’ve had enough. It won’t kill ya!
  • Treat yourself to something you like. A game or a pair of shoes or a watch etc. There’s a lot to choose from.

I’d like to know what you guys who read my blog do as self-care!

Comment and educate us !

Next week we shall embark on hair. We shall have a guest writer who shall be taking about maintaining locks/dreads.

You can’t miss that!

Ps: There might be a video attached


11 thoughts on “SELFCARE : Men’s Edition

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  1. Yeah. Men should take care. Those days where sunscreen was considered female are long gone. No one is about that dry sunburnt skin anymore. Do take care.

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  2. Because there are those times, the few times, you leave your braids on longer than you should, or fail to paka lotion as evenly, what do have? Unkempt hair, ashy elbows.. Not a guy. Ha!
    Thanks Ventura!

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