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Today we are wrapping up on hair with this post.

I have answered few questions that I was asked . If you still have more you can comment and I’ll answer you in the comments .

Meanwhile you would do yourself well to go through the questions below .

I want to go natural but I am clueless about hair care. Where do I start?

You have already started by making that decision.

At the onset to be honest there’s a lot you won’t know and it will take time to get to the point of understanding your hair but you’ll get there.

Simply put you’re really starting a relationship with your hair and as is with other relationships there are good days and bad days.

Start by knowing how to retain moisture in your hair all the time. This is to me one of the most important things for healthy hair .

Research on products before using them. Mostly you will find that they recommend which type of hair can use such products . I can’t emphasize this enough! Read hair blogs, google, watch on Youtube there is such a great fountain of knowledge.

Which brings me to knowing your hair. Identify even if it’s one thing about your hair eg doe it feels coarse or it feels smooth? That right there already gives you texture and you can start building on that slowly as you now single out characteristics of your hair .

Don’t compare your hair journey with someone else’s. You have a different crown .

Be patient. Everything takes time.

How do I restore my edges?

Edges edges edges!

Well first of all identify the underlying cause of thinning edges.

Are you braiding too tight? Those twists have snatched those edges? Have you exposed your hairline to heat too often and hence they are weak . Are you weighing the strands down because of too much gel. Always keeping the edges laid? What protective styles are you using? Like crochet braids for instance if your hairline is not strong and you go ahead and do that then … forget your hairline.

So the above could be reasons why they are thinning away. In a nutshell you’re putting too much tension on the edges.

To restore them requires some pretty basic steps .

First of all learn to speak up. If you have to get braids done tell the one doing your hair to handle your edges with care ,ie not force them into a braid or twist or pull too tight on them and if they do not stop you are better off changing hairdressers.

Don’t wear tight puffs and if you can don’t use thread! Use strips of stockings instead. The thread could pull your hairs off especially if too tight .

Castor oil is your friend! You can work out a routine where you apply it twice daily and massage for about three minutes. Do this consistently and you will get results . But don’t overload on the product be sure to wash every once in a while you feel there’s build up .


What causes an itchy scalp and what can I do about it?

There are several causes of an itchy scalp.

The most common being dandruff which is otherwise known as cradle cap when in infants. It can also be caused by yeast overgrowth on the skin, changes in weather and hormonal imbalance/fluctuations.

Sometimes it could be as a result of an allergic reaction to medicine, inflamed oil secreting glands ,something that you have used in your scalp like a new shampoo or conditioner basically a foreign or new hair product , ringworm or it can be due to prolonged use of heat ( that has left it really sore and tender ) etc.

You may experience flaking of scalp , tenderness as I have mentioned earlier , swelling , redness, bald patches and sores (with pus sometimes.)

For something like ringworm you will need an anti fungal cream for that .

But for something like the new product then that’s definitely a sign that you should stop using it . For sores especially with pus it’s best you seek medical assistance.

For dandruff and dryness you can develop an oil treatment regimen. Olive oil and coconut oil are good for this .

You may also need to start washing your scalp with warm water and where there’s tenderness and soreness you can use bland petroleum jelly like Vaseline to soothe the area. Aloe Vera juice is of great help when it comes to the scalp and also for cleansing apple cider vinegar. Whatever is readily available among those use them.

Then generally avoid sharing combs, hair brushes and such . If going to a salon you can actually carry yours. Carry your stuff even your products.

Then ensure that you keep them clean at all times.

Is sulphur bad for my hair?

I don’t know if you know this but sulphur is actually referred to as the beauty mineral.

Anyway is it good for the hair?

First of all our hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Keratin in itself is high in sulphur content. The presence of this sulphur is what makes hair strong and elastic. However if it’s inadequate hair becomes brittle and prone to breakage of course.

Hence you may need to take more sulphur. This can be externally or internally.

Externally can be through application of the oil or whatever . Some of you might remember the yellow tin you used sometime when you were younger ๐Ÿ˜…. I do.

Internally well,you can ingest foods rich in sulphur content .

However, the external one could pose a risk as you never know what other chemical is inside and that could react with your scalp.

The best option of course is a diet rich in sulphur content.

So sulphur isn’t really bad . Just know whether your hair needs it and whether your scalp can handle it .


I have curly hard African hair. What is the best conditioner for me ?

Hard hair is basically coarse hair. What coarse hair means is that the diameter of the strand is thick hence it feels “hard”. Those with a thin diameter have fine hair.

Hence it’s best to use the thick stuff for coarse hair. The butters are your friend!

You may want to try

Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioner

Shea Moisture’s conditioner

Mega growth leave in conditioner (my fav)

And that’s it with the hair series.

Next week we start on mental health !!

See you guys again next week . ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

Thanks for stopping by to read .


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