Happy New Month !

We are quickly advancing to the year’s half mark already can you believe it ?

Anyway ,

thing is , I had planned to talk about mental health because well , it’s May. I had sometime mentioned that we’ll do that this month


I’m changing things up and also ..

It’s a public holiday today so we’re gonna go with something less tasking to consume ..

I will be sharing things and trends I have been loving this year 💕💕 (recent and not so recent )

Here we go 👇🏾

My phone case

Well it’s nothing fancy. Pretty basic .

It’s black and white (striped)

I got it like a month ago from an online shop on Instagram.

But I love love it !

It’s also worth your coins just because it’s hard (you can tell for sure that it’s durable)

I got it from this page on ig

That’s the ig shop I got it from

My wig

This has already made rounds on my social media pages 😁😁 but I love it guys .

First of all I bought it online. I kept thinking of the reality v expectation memes and I was scared that it would just be a great disappointment.

Furthermore , since it was being shipped I had told even wait for some weeks before it gets here so anxiety just kept on building up but I am happy to report that it was worth the risk !


So I’ve been loving cornrows of late

There are some really super cute styles that I can’t wait to rock to be honest .

So most of the remaining part of the year I have purposed to have cornrows done

They’re also one of the best protective styles you can have done to be honest .


These have been a trend recently, and maybe actually about to stop trending but I still haven’t rocked one so it’s still on my agenda !

In fact I want as many colours as possible! So if you were thinking of getting me something just because …

A specific podcast

I have been loving one podcast called Black Girl In Om .

This podcast has been giving me life . It’s one of those podcasts that speak to the soul. It’s not shallow at all and goes in depth to talk about real people issues and real life issues and most importantly God is in the picture too.

See you again on Friday 😊😊

Dare more this month !


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  1. Saw you already started on the cornrows (never mind they are (were) like a quarter your head,lol. But they look really great on you.
    You could share on more protective styes,please? thanks:)

    And sorry I just kept all of these piled up, nimecatch up leo haha

    Liked by 1 person

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