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I hope you have had a great week.

My week has been a really busy one. So many things going on , big changes made but I’m glad you and I both have pulled through πŸ€—πŸ€—

Anyway today we shall be talking about something really important.


This is something that is very dear to my heart . I always desire that the people I love are at their best in terms of mental health. That they can know that can share what they’re going through,that they can know when it’s time to let go of people and things ( that are toxic to them )

And most importantly to have peace of mind each day they lay on their beds to rest.

See, nowadays most people are becoming more aware of themselves as far as I see trends in social media .However, most of it revolves around the physical well being. You know all about fitness and dieting . But the mental aspect is more often neglected .

Imagine how people will react if I tell them I’m thinking of seeing a therapist or a psychologist ”

Are the words of a friend of mine. It’s unfortunate that there’s so much abnormality attached to this .

You have probably heard of incidents of people taking their own lives .

Jj (name used just for this purpose but it’s a true story )was a really nice person . We became related through marriage and thus I considered him my cousin. So full of life he was.

He was one many would say had a promising future. He had attended law school and thus he helped me a couple of times with my studies.

Other than him visiting at home, we hardly talked much over phone. Sometime last year however ,as I was going home from church I met him in town .

It was the day that fire had broke out at Moi Girls Nairobi. We had a small chat and later on in the evening he invited me to go and donate blood the following day.

He filled in an aunt of mine who was at our place at that time and she being happy told my mum that I was doing fine in Nairobi.

Barely days later,I heard that he was found dead in the house and had apparently committed suicide.

( Some people have never been convinced that he did. He was the last person one would expect such a thing from. He was always happy they said . Always gave us hope and encouraged.. always did that for so and so…)

But did he have someone to do that for him?

I found later .. he had sent me a friend request on Facebook and I had not accepted it …

My heart broke ..

From the outside he seemed fine. But maybe in his mind were so many outcries that never burst out ..kept tucked away in the mind.

What if he knew that professional help is okay and doesn’t make you a less of a person …

What if I too had just accepted the friend request and made an effort to check up on him..?

In life we have a role to play in our lives and in that of others ..

Here today I try and give us an opportunity to help ourselves and others in turn by understanding what mental health is and it’s importance.

And you know what ?

A healthy mind leads to a healthy body .

So ..

What is mental health ?

We’re going to define this the high school way .

Remember when in the books it was written geography comes from two Greek words ……….. and …….. which mean.. …………

Mental means – relating to the mind

Health means – state of being free from illness or injury

Altogether mental health is our having our minds free from “illness” or “injury ”

And in case there’s injury or illness we learn also we can restore its health.

(Wow I’m starting to feel like a teacher πŸ‘©β€πŸ«)

That’s is for today’s chunk

There is a lot to be said in this topic and I don’t want to compress all of it in one post. We shall go step by step to the end.

We shall learn a lot in this series.

Stay tuned


10 thoughts on “MENTAL HEALTH – 1

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  1. I relate to the story above. Too sad…
    Sadly how mental health is ignored or perceived unimportant… Perhaps we are not informed much about it…
    Please let us know much about it and refer us to good places where we can go and seek therapy

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  2. I attended a session on mental health last year. It was awesome and very informative. Ever since I really value mental health and I try to be at my best as I ensure those close to me are too.
    Can’t wait for more Venchichi

    Liked by 1 person

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