I just hope that today you don’t have to go through the day pretending that your are fine yet you are not. That you don’t have to think about the fake smile you’re going to wear , saying “I’m fine” when someone asks ” How are you?”

I hope that you have someone you can call your friend even if it’s just but one . One who you know has got you no matter what .( Don’t let loneliness creep in. That old friend can eat you up. )

I just hope that there is not a person you have let convince that you are too much of something. That you need to be a certain way to be their enough. I just hope you realize that you are enough for the right person.

I just hope that you still believe in the beauty of your dreams. No matter how hard the days seem to beat you or life seems to have turned against you, I just hope you find your wings again; to fly with your dreams.

I just hope that you’ve learnt to speak up against the things that don’t sit well with you. That you have found a voice for yourself. Even if it’s a whisper now, I know it will get audible soon.

I just hope that you are still the nice person you have always been. That the unfortunate experiences in your life have not marred your heart so much that in it is just darkness now. May there be light in you heart.

I just hope that one setback you’ve had has not made you think you’re a loser. I hope that you are still picking up the pieces anyway so that you move differently from now on.

I hope that you have learnt to dare more. That you have stepped out of your comfort zone to see how far your potential reaches.

Most of all,

I just hope that you have learnt to love who you are. That you have accepted yourself in all the ways that make you. That the thought of who you are becoming brings a smile to your face. That you do things for yourself now. I hope that you don’t stop to seek validation.

I hope that you keep your head held high.

Have a lovely week guys. See you again on Friday.


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  1. And that my difference somehow is a form of strength, my nerves may not endure that reality and that what I say may arouse disdain, by your hope I sure will say something today.


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