A to Z

Hello and welcome to my blog.

Today’s post layout will look like an “ABC poem ” of sorts , I hope you enjoy reading 😊😊.

Attempting to write something that will make sense with each letter that follows

But oh boy! It’s already getting hard. However I think I

Can drop in a few things about myself and the things I believe in.

Dealing with tough situations in life all alone is toxic.

Enjoy your life. Don’t tolerate it.

Finding the balance you need in life is worth the struggle. Accept that you may not be able to juggle everything all at once. Prioritise and take breaks!

Go get what you want. Chase that dream!

Have the capacity to wait for your efforts to pay off!

Intend to do the things you do.

Jump to conclusions! (Wait, don’t so this πŸ˜…. It’s something I do at times..)

Kindness (spread that )!

Like this blog post? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Mind who you share your business with. Don’t be too trusting with people.

Never mind that like request πŸ˜…

Overcome your fears. (It’s possible)

Pets are not for me. So don’t try gifting me a kitten or puppy. I’ll extend the act of gifting πŸ™Š

Question the decisions you make.

Remember to check up on your friends.

Say what you mean. Speak your mind. Stay happy .

Travel if you’re able to! (Now this is a gift I’d like 😊😊 surprise me with a trip)

Understand that the people you love also need their space.

Ventura is my real name (to those who don’t believe this and keep asking , what’s your real name,like the name on your ID?)

Wondering what I’ll do for letter “X”? Well, it’s the word of the day.

Xanthous – a colour intermediate between green and orange.

You made it to the end of this post! Thank you 😊


Come back on Tuesday for more.

Enjoy your weekend guys

Lots of love ❀


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