When I grow up 2

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When I grow up – 1

Part two continues…

It seemed like the moment had finally come to make up my mind on what I needed to do regardless of whether my parents supported me or not.

I did my examinations and went ahead with my initial plan of ensuring I attained the bare minimum.

The results were released and as expected, my parents were very disappointed.

Mmmh, but guess what? There was still a beam of hope in their minds. They assured me that everything would turn out just fine and I would go to law school no matter what .

My plan was about to fail.

No! I couldn’t allow this to happen.

Then it hit me that my grandparents were the only people who stood a chance of convincing my parents otherwise. I then decided to prepare for the journey to the countryside.

My parents were for the idea. In their minds they thought that the trip down to the country would help me clear up my mind and resultantly bring me on board with their plans.

While On the way , I played scenarios in my mind on how the events would unfold after making my request known to my grandparents.

The more I thought, the more I realized that this plan was not full proof. A change of plans was necessary and I had to think fast !

My eyes landed on a newspaper advert. A call for people to be recruited into the Armed Forces. Calling people to specific towns for registration. One of the towns listed happened to be the one we were approaching .

“What providence!”I thought to myself.

I know what I’ll do! When we got to that town I alighted and took a motorbike to the camp where the recruitment was being done.

Took me about an hour to get there. Yes ! I had come where my heart was happy to be.

I signed up and went on to do as I was told. I was to pull off some stunts among many other things.Some were indeed difficult but I subjected my body to doing that which I had considered even impossible .

Inspections were carried out to look out for any marks that may have been appearing on my skin or any missing teeth.The whole process took quite a bit of time.

At every step the number kept decreasing until there were only few of us left .

I was now at the final rounds.

It had been 2 days and I could feel the pain starting to get to me . I could not give up. I had to hang in there.

I saw those who had made it successfully to the end of the recruitment process, but also undergone rigorous training for months line up and get their things in order as they signed out .

My roommate for the time I was there was among those qualified to go for the mission. But where was he now ? He was nowhere to be seen .

He was being called all round but was out of sight . The batch was about to leave and could not wait any longer.

I just heard “Hey you, dress up and join the line .”

I should have definitely refused but I didn’t. I wore his uniform and joined the bandwagon. ( I guess out of sight , out of mind )

If I only knew what lay ahead …..

And that’s it for today guys .

Come back on Friday for another post !

Have a lovely week πŸ€—.


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