Hello there guys.

Happy Friday !

How are you ?

Are your World Cup teams coming through?

I know some of mine aren’t πŸ˜’.

Anyway, aside from the crazy school work, I have been great.

For today the piece I’m writing may target a certain audience but you can still all read on nevertheless.

So, I attended a certain forum for content creators a few weeks ago and I got to understand quite a few things and a bit of challenges some of them were facing at the time. Also reasons why one is probably finding it difficult to reach their audience.

Knowing that some of my readers create content too whether by blogging or being YouTubers or through other avenues such as music and photography I deem this piece useful.

There is the challenge of one having more than talent if I may phrase it as that. In that, for someone to probably get out there, they must invest in what they are creating. They must put in capital so that from that hopefully profit will be generated. For some however, who are probably in school this is difficult because well, you may not have a means of earning income.

For this case you really don’t have to start with capital.It is not a must. Don’t think because you have no money then you can never make it. If you just work on having great content and be consistent to a point where you are progressing in terms of quality and viewership you will get to a point where you can write proposals and approach brands that you can work with and start earning. From what you earn you can now start rebranding and maybe purchase all that you need to assist in getting better quality content. Don’t eat that money yet.

Also, this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time.

There is also the issue of creators giving power to their audience and not to themselves and as such end up being gimmicks. As a content creator, create for yourself , create because you want to and on what you want to.Don’t be a gimmick. There are always going to be people who share the same interests as you and so what you create will resonate with them.

Then what to do when your creative juices run out ?

Understand that you don’t have to always create new content. You can always build up on something else and recreate. For example,you can do a product review or something in that line. Don’t end up being inconsistent as a creator in the name of lack of inspiration.

Remember that something done is better than undone cause you want perfection.

Also help each other out as creators. Tag people and shout them out. If it’s a photographer, give credit to them.

It takes years to become an overnight success!

I hope this piece has helped someone.

Come back on Tuesday for part 3 of when I grow up.

So if you haven’t read part one and two yet .

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Have a lovely weekend!



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  1. ”Something done is better than undone..” This one always helps me out.
    I don’t like ”I wish I just did it stories.” When you want to do something just do it.
    Nice piece!!
    It has helped me relate na my area of interest.


  2. Something is better done than undone wooow what a nice piece. The flow and precision is refreshing, niiice!


  3. The life of a content creator, tell me about it…
    Authenticity is key as you stated. I read somewhere that the funny thing is that most people start right there- very authentic, but over time find themselves gravitating towards that which their audience love. Now that may not seem too bad…but only until you find yourself doing stuff that you actually do not enjoy creating at all. It becomes a chore. I’m slowly realizing that, I am more content and happier as a creator when I create what I want to.


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