Social Media : Representation

Welcome back to my blog dear reader.

Happy New Month 😊😊.

Today’s post is a beginning of a series we’ll be having on online presence in a nutshell.

I’ll be looking forward to reading your thoughts on the posts I’ll be writing.

For today, I want to just touch a little on your online presence, on your online space.

In case you were unaware these days people just don’t major on CVs and your online profile can cost you a job.

A man went for an interview. He was among other people who were also hoping to secure the same job opportunity. He stood out and was shortlisted because among other many requirements he had knowledge of seven other languages. For some reason, he was asked to disclose his Facebook username. Upon looking at his profile, It was found that he had made statements that were offensive to a particular tribe ..

What you post online matters…

Onto the focus for today …

Are you representing yourself?

You see, when some of us were younger (myself included) we always went by pretty “sick” names or so we thought, on social media. It was never cool to have your real names online. (Again if you don’t relate to this it’s okay.)

Until yesterday I had never really thought of this much. Once you’re not using your real name it means your presence is really not traceable online. Also, you know the act of taking a social media detox by perhaps deactivating your account.? Deactivating your account can make you untraceable online. So in short you are not available online.

What does this create opportunity for ? Someone to get online on your behalf. To create for you an online presence. If someone passes off as you online, how will you get to explaining that it’s not you because you’re using an unrecognized name somewhere.

Today , employers look you up online to see what you’re doing. If they can’t find you by your real name they’ll think you have something to hide , otherwise there’s rarely a satisfactory reason you can give for this.

Social Media does get crazy , I know. It can propagate lots of negative vibes. Mostly however this happens because we allow it. We follow people we hardly know in person , we share too much about ourselves that ends up being used against us etc.

Even if you want to take time offline, my advice is don’t deactivate your active. Just make sure you’re available online at the very least. It can be way worse once you come back online and find that you can’t reclaim your identity anymore.

Don’t let someone misrepresent you.

Representation is the first “R” . There are 4 more that we’ll get to know.

That’s all for today

Have a great week.


9 thoughts on “Social Media : Representation

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  1. Tell me about “sick names” I went by ….. Checkawtmawickedname back in the day lol…
    I know you cant even read that… But what you are saying is true.

    Cant wait for the next R


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