Safely Through Half the Year.

Welcome back to my blog.

I hope your week has been good.

So for today I’d like to just take a breather and savour the moment. Reflect on how far we have all come. We are past the halfway mark of the year and trust me that’s not something that we should take for granted.

This is a short gratitude post.

I’m grateful for you who’s reading to begin with. For taking your time to click the link that redirected you here. Thank you.

I’m grateful that I’ve actually been able to have posts up twice a week!

I’m grateful for the lessons that I have learnt this year. For some reason this year has been one of rediscovery for me. You know, of knowing self worth, avoiding toxicity, taking up challenges and all that good stuff. (I don’t know if anyone relates).

I’m grateful for the new friends I have made this year. Just wow. I have amazing people in my life.

I’m grateful that a prayer request I made earlier this week was answered! At the perfect time.

I’m grateful for so many more things..But I want us to create a gratitude band.

So comment one thing(or more ) which you’re grateful for and I’ll add your comment to the next post. So make sure you login when commenting so that I know who’s posted. And share widely. Let’s make this next post the longest !!!

This is to be continued ….

Let’s make this gratitude band long!!.

Lovely weekend my people ❤.


9 thoughts on “Safely Through Half the Year.

Add yours

  1. I’m grateful for my laughter. I Mean, to be able to extract humor from all situations is nothing short of a talent, a gift if you will!


  2. I’m grateful for coffee and whoever invented it. Coffee has come through for me every morning this past half of the year. It has been loyal. It has come through for me. Secondly, I’m grateful for the pain and tears that have laced the past 6 months of the year because I’m now a better and more refined person ( at least I hope so lol). I’m also the great discomfort that the twenties have come with because they are making me question stuff, they are making me want to answer the ‘why’ behind everything I do because I desire to get value out of my time. Venchichi, nikianza this will be an entire pdf lol, but I love you. And your consistency in this blogging journey is simply admirable. Keep at it! You are going places!


  3. Grateful for life. For friends. For the growth that’s been happening in my life, little yeah, but still growth.


  4. Am grateful for the love God has bestowed to our families,friends and relatives even our enemies because we all belong to Him eho never judges us.


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