Social Media : Reason and Restraint

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This is a continuation of the social media series.

If you had not read the first one, here’s a link

Social Media : Representation

For today we look two “R”s.

Reason and Restraint

Reason – the power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgements logically.

Restraint – a measure or condition that keeps someone or something under control.

I chose to look at these two together as one leads to the other in my opinion. When you actually take time to think before you post, it prevents you from posting a lot of things online.

Why the need to reason?

You create an online footprint with everything you post.This means that when someone looks you up, he or she can trace your “steps”. Remember, that even when you delete, you have not completely wiped it all away. It can always be retrieved. Years down line… you are applying for a public postion then somehow that video you removed off your social media handles resurfaces. What do you do?

On restraint..

You don’t always have to appear vocal online. You don’t have to upload everything you do. Do not overhsare online. You don’t have to post vidoes everytime you go out. You don’t always have to comment on every matter and more so if you hold a very strong opinion on the specifc matter. Where it is hard for you to give a sound, well thought out and neutral comment, it is best not to comment. In addition, in an era of hashtags, when you comment on matters that are especially trending, you are likely to trend too. The next thing you know you’re post is being highlighted on shows such as The Trend. If you want to trend, always make sure it is for the right reasons.

Who are you and what do you portray?

What is your online footprint?

Ponder on these..

Also if you have not read the post on gratitude please do and leave a comment therein. Here is the link Safely Through Half the Year. Let us grow the gratitude chain.

With that said,

Have a lovely week guys.

We finish the two remaing “R”s next week.


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