Hello there!

Welcome back to my blog 🤗

How has your week been ?

Anyway , for today I share what some of you are grateful for.

Have a read 🤗🤗.

I’m grateful for my laughter. I Mean, to be able to extract humor from all situations is nothing short of a talent, a gift if you will!

-Winnie K-

I’m grateful for coffee and whoever invented it. Coffee has come through for me every morning this past half of the year. It has been loyal. It has come through for me. Secondly, I’m grateful for the pain and tears that have laced the past 6 months of the year because I’m now a better and more refined person ( at least I hope so lol). I’m also the great discomfort that the twenties have come with because they are making me question stuff, they are making me want to answer the ‘why’ behind everything I do because I desire to get value out of my time

– Melodious-

Grateful for life. For friends. For the growth that’s been happening in my life, little yeah, but still growth.

– Milka-

I am grateful for to God for taking me through campus successfully!

– Waza-

I Am grateful for the love God has bestowed to our families,friends and relatives even our enemies because we all belong to Him who never judges us.

– Mama Kerubo (a family friend ) –

I’m grateful for my mind. That I am able to think and understand.

I’m grateful for my love for books. That I can just find so much fulfillment from reading.

I’m grateful for the person I’m becoming. A person who knows what she wants and is sparing nothing to get there.

I’m grateful for all those people in my life who take time to check up on me. You are the reals ones! Thank you thank you thank you. Those friends who know that something’s up without you even saying it . Those who create time to meet up . Love love love ❤️.

That’s it for today

Also if you’re in Nairobi, tell me where you’re watching the World Cup finals at 😜.

Have a great weekend.

🇫🇷 or 🇭🇷 ?


2 thoughts on “Grateful

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  1. Venchichi Wazaric’ is team Croatia
    I hope uko team croatia pia hence I will baptize you na Venchichic’ Hahaha

    About where I will watch it from acha nikuje inbox hehe


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