Let’s Talk Online Shopping 🛒

Hello there and welcome

Also it’s like end month ….

What a time to talk about shopping right ?😅

So if you know me , then you know that I’m such an online shopper. I buy a lot of stuff online and a place like Instagram is really making my work easier.

Have you seen the new explore page update on ig btw? You can actually customize it and select whether you want to see fashion related stuff or fitness etc.

So anyway, today I want to share a few tips when it comes to online shopping.

I hope this helps you out !

Always compare prices

Before you actually settle for a specific site make sure that you have done enough research. Check as many websites or pages as possible just to ensure that you are getting value for your money. Don’t be extorted.

Take advantage of offers and sales and discounts.

Well sometimes when sales happen, goods may not really be of good quality but this is not always( actually it’s mostly when it’s a clearance sale that you’re likely not to get good stuff). However, things like free delivery are what you should be looking out for . Sales that last like a day or hours are mostly good. So be on the lookout for those . It never hurts to get a little more for a little less.

You don’t have to commit 100%

Some websites have the option of pay on delivery. (On this note , do you think that when you order food from Jumia food or Uber Eats you’re shopping online ?)

Anyway , whenever there’s the option of paying on delivery, don’t slack on that opportunity! Let the stuff be delivered and confirm that your order was gotten right. Then pay afterwards.

Return and refund policies

Don’t sleep on this! If where you’re ordering stuff from accepts this then don’t fear calling and returning. Don’t let your money sink. Call and return if it does not meet your expectations or what they passed it off to be. In doing so, you also need to be persistent in some of these pages but you will get your money back and a rider can be sent to take back whatever you had ordered. Don’t be short changed and accept substandard.

Stay woke

Those reviews and ratings people leave help at times. Don’t ignore them. Also sometimes people post how they got scammed by some of these pages so make sure that you are careful before you give your money. More than that if you’re shopping on a place like Instagram for example from a well known brand , check that the account is verified ( usually by a blue tick ) . There are so many people impersonating out here.

Know your size

This generally applies when shopping for clothes and shoes.

So for clothes , it’s pretty easy, get your measurements done by a tailor or if you have a tape measure you can DIY. Most likely the measurements will probably be inches right ? What you need to do is thereafter convert it to US or UK sizes as this is the sizing that most clothes come in. When you see a size 8 ask if it’s US or UK size so that you get the right size. These sizes btw give you a range. Such that if your waist is 28-30 inches your size is a UK size 10. Same applies for tops etc . ( Our bodies are different, so if your waist is size 10, your top may be a size 8 , you rarely have a standard size all over .. so make sure you know both top and bottom)

Time to get measuring I guess !

Then a little something too. As you shop online keep it business. Some of us may have friends that have online shops and at times may feel that these friends should give us undeserved discounts. That’s not right . Appreciate and support your friend’s hustle. Pay up ! That way they will probably be on the lookout for the best stuff for you . If you’re a good friend you might as well be a good customer .

If you’re impressed with the service you have received and also the product, give a shout-out or recommend to a friend.

Shopping online is also not all pomp and glory. There are horror stories and nasty experiences around it but once you get the hang of it, it’s child play.

I hope these pointers assist.

Share with me any horror stories or any tips you have in online shopping.

Have a great week.

Love and sunshine ☀️


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  1. There’s this time you talked about a Nigerian author, oh, the contents were right in my proper atmosphere. I didn’t really check it up though, you can perhaps share …


  2. On online shopping, I’ve actually tried shipping sites from out of Kenya and I bring good reviews. The price advantage here is crazy especially if free shipping is offered. All needed here is patience taking a month tops. I received all I ordered for.
    (site: AliExpress)


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