So July is actually over huh?

It would be a lie to say that this year has been dragging right?

We’re at the 8th month mark but have you really been living this year?

Have you let comparison steal away from you your will and desire to live just because you’ve always had it in your mind to look at what the next person is doing. More than keeping tabs with they are up to, you’ve ascertained in your mind that they’re better than you. You’ve contrasted what they have/do with yourself and you felt inferior. Hello.. that’s just being toxic to yourself. When we talk toxicity, it’s not always others who are toxic to ourselves. We cause that at times.

Not being content usually leads to comparison. Being content with where you are and what you have does not mean that you’re now relaxing and will not do better. Being content simply means that you appreciate where you’ve reached in this journey of pursuit for whatever your goal is.

Savoring and claiming that moment as your own knowing that you’ll move at your pace and with your own means to get there. We really don’t want the same things in life. In your class (if you’re a student), not everyone wants a first class, not everyone wants to specialize in the area you’ve taken interest in and that’s because we’re diverse. So why compare yourself with someone who has a different goal? Someone who’s on the pursuit of a different calling than yours.

Come on out if that and live!

Don’t be too fixated on one idea of achieving something. There are different routes most of the times to get to a destination. One may be shorter but full of pits and stuff, the other may be longer but smooth all the way etc etc.

Pause for a second and be grateful for how far you’ve come. Appreciate the successes of others and draft your own strategy on how you get to your own success.

Your life is your own. It’s a book.

Each new day is a new page.

And guess what? The pen is yours!

Live , Live and Live 🌟.

Have a great weekend!


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