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I’m so glad to have you back on my blog. Thank you 😊.

Today, we look into something all too familiar.

“Your reputation precedes you .”

You have probably heard this phrase several times or even felt its impact directly or directly whether on the receiving end or not.

So what is reputation defined as ?

Beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something.
A widespread belief that someone or something has a particular characteristic.

You see the fact that it is believed by so many people does not mean it is true. In most cases these opinions are spread by one person to a specific class of individuals that he/she has leverage over.

There is this incidecnt of a young girl who had just joined highschool. Excited and all she had sought advice about surviving through highschool and one of the main things she had picked up was that “you really don’t want to cross paths with seniors.”
So here she is. The first day of school. Orientation is all done and now it is time to check into the dorms. She meets another student who happens to come from the dorm she is to join and she seems friendly.
She goes on and asks “what’s your name?” Our dear beloved new student is silent for a while before she decides on whether to really answer or not fearing ot could be a trap and if she ansered she would be given a nasty response or just something unkind would be said. She Β hower just decides to answer but the young lady does not seem to get her name right even after more than two attempts to help her get it right.
She then remembers that her “box” had her name inscribed and decides to point the girl towards the box to read it.
Wrong move, I tell you.
This is taken as an act of arrogance by this girl who happens to be a senior. As expected, news spreads like wildfire in the school of this arrogant new student. Streaming into her class for the next few weeks were students curious to meet this arrogant student. Boom. Her reputation preceded her amongst so many students.

It really is hard for any person to come out from such a situation and claim that it is not true. At the end of it all it should be known that there is really a fine line between someone’s character and repuation. Character is who they are and reputation is what/who people think they are.

You would rather choose based on character than reputation.

It’s your call.

So you heard, is not so you know!

Cut people some slack this week.

Have a great week ahead.


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  1. Twin…I think your wisdom sufficiently compensates for my ignorance πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Great piece! Everyone should read that πŸ‘Œ


  2. Character is who you are…Reputation is what people think you are…I’m glad I know the difference now.πŸ˜€


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