Happy Friday 🌟.

I hope you get something from today’s post.

Of late I feel like my posts are turning out to be like those sit-down conversations people have and I feel like I could even make a video instead.

Nevertheless let’s get into the post

-The greatest fear in the world is of the opinions of others. And the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom.” – Osho-

So so many times we have been caught up in the web of wanting to be perfect. Perfect not in one thing but mostly in everything but truth be told, who are we kidding ?

We possibly can’t get to that point and that’s okay.

So here are a few reminders I have for you :

If there’s no struggle there’s no progress

To progress means that you’ll accept discomfort. It’s a struggle but one that’s necessary. Take the case of an athlete who’s set a record. To beat that record ( which would be progress) he/she will have to put in more effort. Maybe train at areas of higher altitude, add an extra hour to the training. All of which won’t be easy but definitely necessary and worth it at the end.

Little progress is still progress

This is one thing that gets to most of us. More often than not, when we achieve less than what we hoped for even if better than what we had previously we see that as a short coming.

Your life need not be an all or nothing situation. Whether you get a bit, or something or all that’s not where you were before that’s good. Small wins are wins too and undoubtedly little progress is still progress too. In the long run you will come to realize that the small wins here and there mattered.

Comfort is the end of progress

Wonder why people say that we should “step out of our comfort zones”? Well it’s because when we are comfortable we don’t think of making any effort to move forward or attain certain things.

I mean,even when you sit there’s a point at which you get so comfortable and there’s nothing as bad as knowing when you get up and come to sit you won’t find that same position again.

Life however is a journey and our days are numbered. There’s no point of getting comfortable with what we have achieved thus far. Our thought should be to get to the best version of ourselves.

Get out of your comfort zone and progress

Don’t confuse motion for progress

Just because you’re moving, doesn’t mean you’re moving forward. The progress we want here is where we’re moving forward.

If you have your phone charging and power goes off whilst your phone is still plugged in, the battery will get drained. It will change (allow me to say “move”) from say 60% to 43%. There has been movement yes but that’s not progress right ?

Always check up on yourself to see whether you’re progressing or just in motion.

We progress differently

We are not all the same. We are gifted differently and are made up different as well. And so we should not compare our achievements to those of others.

For example, when people start their respective fitness journeys they get different results at different times. They could have the same goals and even begun at the same point but eventually they’ll get some different results. This could be cause of bone structure, body type, eating habits etc. I’m sure you’ve even seen people who weigh the same but physically, they look completely different.

So just never compare your journey to that of another. Work on your goals , work on you and own it .

This is all I had for today.

Enjoy your weekend!



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