For a second there while writing the title it kinda felt awkward. You know that moment when you write a word but feel like this shouldn’t really be the correct spelling but it is and that’s it .. I had that moment just now


Welcome to today’s post. I hope you’re doing well. ..

As for me I’m just out here wondering where this month is running to. We’re literally halfway already! So fast.

Today’s post comes from many thoughts I’ve had on things like taking charge of your life. I’ve heard quite a number of people saying this : you’re in charge of your own happiness etc. Don’t look for validation or approval from others to be happy. Don’t depend on people like that and the sentiments are endless.

I figure that in a nutshell this spills down to living boldly or somehow at least.

Living boldly to me means different things but at the central point are the words confidence and courage. These two attributes have the take the day when it comes to defining what living boldly means to me.

Confidence that makes you believe in yourself. That enables you to go out there and chase your dreams because you can. Confidence that reminds you what your worth is irregardless.

Courage that enables you to walk away when things are no longer working for you. Courage that enables you to say no when you know you’ve been shortchanged. To say no to a bad deal that has been placed on the the table!

So yeah that’s what living boldly is for me . That simple and that short.

Confidence and Courage !

What does living boldly mean to you ?

I’d really love to know . So go on ahead and leave a comment down below.

Goodbye till Friday .

Love and sunshine !


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  1. I was just 10 the first time someone asked me if I like people; I was before the judge himself and my answer was, “I don’t know.” He leaned forward and asked one more time and I didn’t say anything different


      1. When no one understood, I explained; it’s pretty far-fetched to claim that people provide satisfaction and relaxation or at least if they sometimes do, they as often do not.


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