Weekly Wrap Up?

Hello there and welcome back to my blog .

So what’s been happening in my life you may wonder(or not)? But I’m gonna tell you anyway. I’ve been having my end of semester examinations and that’s about all that I can say. I choose not to attempt revealing how I’ve found the papers I’ve done well because .. .. it’s really never a good idea to talk about it .. also .. some of my readers are my classmates and I don’t want to put myself on the map.

Other than that ..

I’ve come across quite a bit of things online some which I didn’t know and some that I have found pretty interesting or somehow encouraging. But I’ll mention just two ; mental health and rejections.

So the talk on mental health is still well ongoing and actually this week it has been mental health awareness week at Strathmore University here in Nairobi.

Further on as I went to find out more about mental health I stumbled upon one of the mental illnesses; bipolar 2 . To be honest I didn’t even know there’s bipolar type 1 and 2.

On this I came across a story of a mother and daughter who were both diagnosed with bipolar 2 and to be honest it really was quite the story.

I don’t know if it’s the same case for you but for me , most times I’ve heard people make remarks about bipolar it’s almost like we don’t accept it’s a disorder. We mostly think it’s an attention seeking stunt and never really accept it’s beyond the control of those affected by it. Perhaps if we were more aware we’d understand and know how to handle any occurring episodes.

Another thing that I came across is a certain hashtag on Twitter.


It’s obvious that on social media not so many people post their lows. It’s always about the glory and happy moments and all. This is a good thing don’t get me wrong , but a little realness and truth doesn’t hurt sometimes. Showing that it took a bit of hard work to get where you are is not a bad thing .

Sometimes people don’t post their lows in the guise of avoiding negativity but is it really?

So anyway you can check that hashtag on Twitter and see some of the stories people have to share. It may help you know that you’re not the only one who’s been rejected for a certain position etc etc.. but eventually things will work out and it taking a little more time than anyone else doesn’t make it any less special.

That’s all I had for today.

Have a great weekend .!


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  1. I really like that you talk about what people are afraid of talking about! Keep going girl!💪🏽 Oh yes.. also confirming that some of your readers are your classmates.😄 Have an amazing weekend!


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