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I hope you’ve been doing fine.

First of all I want to acknowledge the fact that I didn’t have a post up on Tuesday and I apologize to everyone who was looking forward to one.

I had been trying to change up some things. Like right now the site is plain white. The other thing was creating a mailing list. I have created one where I’ll be sending a newsletter monthly. This will be effective as from September and I hope you will enjoy it.

Regarding this, you may or may not have seen a prompt to subscribe to it while loading this page but I hope if you did you have added yourself to the subscribers list. If you haven’t but want to you can click this link to add yourself on the list(you really don’t want to miss out) and quickly come back to read the rest of this post. Here’s the link Newsletter subscription

Also note, that this list is different from the the list for subscribing to my blog via email. Subscribing to the blog via email enables you to receive notifications of new posts on this site by email.(You can ask for further clarification on this in the comments).

On to the last change that I hope to actualize..

I intend to change up a bit of the content that I’ll be posting. Looking to add different things (which you’ll see with time) and also the frequency. In frequency , seeing as I am taking up the newsletter and other things on the side, I shall have one blog post per week. Feel free to suggest which day would be the best to have for me to post. I’ll go with the most voted for day. So leave a comment with the day you’d want a post up on the blog. (your choices are limited to weekdays).

Those are the announcements I have for now.

A thought that has been lingering on my mind for a while has to be about change which I guess from my aforementioned announcements is rather obvious.

You see they say that a change is as good as a rest but what about when it’s a big change or when it’s many things you’re changing……..

I haven’t managed to prove that it’s as good as a rest but I can ascertain that change is different. As simple as it may sound that to me by far stands out as the best definition of change.

I’ve seen quotes that say something close to “I’m not the person I used to be … I move differently.. I pick my pieces differently…”

I guess it comes down to us on whether we are ready to do things differently because that’s what change causes.

Whether to let go or hold on is just a battle with change. Holding on means you don’t want change and thus you’re not ready to do things differently. Letting go means that it’s about time you do things differently. It’s about time for change to happen. You’re ready for that.

It’s been 8 months in and there’s still something that you’re debating on whether it’s time to let go or it you should hold on a little longer.Change can be scary because it’s different. It’s out of what you’ve had as your norm for a while. It’s uncomfortable and will need readjusting here and there. But if letting go brings you peace it is worth it.

Don’t let the yourself still hold on to what you should let go and don’t let go of what you should have held on to beacause you were too impatient. 

Trust your gut and give it a little time. You will definitely know if it’s time for a change.


Have a good weekend.

Love and sunshine 🌟


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  1. “Don’t let the yourself still hold on to what you should let go and don’t let go of what you should have held on to beacause you were too impatient.”

    Beautiful Miss. Kireki😊


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