Just imagine that one time you went all out for someone…..

I mean that one time you went above and beyond to do some kind act for someone while deep in your heart you were battling with getting over cruel acts done towards you.

That one time you gave your last cent to your friend to assist them in a situation that they implied required urgency yet they ended up using it for other recreational purposes……..

or that time you cancelled all your scheduled activities of the day so that you spend the time with someone but all the while they remained glued to their phones and had to ask you to repeat any statement you made like a million times just because their focus was elsewhere.
Yes….I remember.

You too can remember one such time or similar incident.

You felt like you invested too much in that project, in that assignment or in that relationship. We really all have such situations but there are a few small things or instances in our life where a little goes a long way.
In the Kitchen…
This is really just a simple example. Take for instance salt and oil. When it comes to adding salt into food, you can be rest assured that adding a whole tablespoon will cause whoever eats that food discomfort. A little is enough. Even with cooking oil, no need to show people that you used oil to prepare the stew. One opens the serving dish and lo and behold, there’s a sort of shine and shimmer. A little is enough.
Hair products…
The more product you use does not mean the healthier you hair will be. In fact you will just have product build up and most especially on your scalp. Over time, the styling products will break down and some of their byproducts could damage your scalp or cause irritation. A little will go a long way.
I believe for this point I don’t have to say any further.


When it comes to saving, you start with what you have. Don’t think that you can only have a certain minimum before you start. Start with that which you think is small. Just start!

When this year began, I saw on social media about the 52 week saving challenge. Basically this would mean saving every week.

Due to public demand, the 52 Week Savings Challenge is back bigger and better. The rules are the same as last year. We start by saving 50 shillings next week (week 1 of 2018), then 100 bob next week, 150 bob next week and so on and so forth, until the last week of December where we will save 2,600 bob, and our savings will add up to Kshs 68,900 . The point is to add 50 shillings every week to the previous week’s savings amount.

The above was a suggested plan or if you like a sort of template.

That means that anyone could choose to alter it and craft you own in a way that would be most reasonable to you and to your goal. Saving little amounts does eventually pay off.
Let’s pause for a moment and think where we would have been if we started saving in January…..

Hopefully we know better going forward.

Same applies to our lives. Sometimes we don’t need to go all out to show we care. Work with what you have. Instead of deciding to send money to someone and that is it, how about give them a random phone call to check up on them. Wish someone a good week. Leave someone a note that reminds them they are unique and enough and worthy.
These little things….
They matter and go a long way.
Enjoy your weekend.
Come back next week for more.



9 thoughts on “A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY

Add yours

  1. We may not get reciprocated for the “little” good we do or see no appreciation from it, but let’s keep doing it…we offer hope to someone somewhere even in the little things for sure.
    YesπŸ™Œ a little does go a long way!


  2. Aki the third example πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘….I remember very well!

    But yes, a little does go a long way…thank you for the reminder Love 😊😊😊You just sounded like our camp meeting stewardship speajsp πŸ˜€πŸ˜€…wisidomπŸ’₯

    And tyat saving plan…sijui niingoje 2019 ama nianze saa hiiπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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