She had never really quite gotten the chance to talk to him and here she was now wondering whether she should snob him for the rest of the night because of the awkward staring or just smile away now that their eyes met.

She chose to smile ..

Deciding to snob meant that she would have to intentionally avoid going where he graced his presence and that’s no way to enjoy a party so she went on ahead to say hi.

They ended up chatting the night away and long story short she concluded that indeed they had chemistry between them.

All that she was praying for now was that he’d make the next move.The stars in her life seemed to have been aligned for her and for sure he went on ahead to invite Jill for an official date. ..

The dating then bloomed into courtship and everyone was anticipating for the day Jack would pop the question. So last year at one of the company’s end year party .. with all the nostalgia on how they had first interacted he, proposed. (Hello wedding bells πŸ””)

It’s no secret that the details and intricacies of a wedding are more of a concern for the ladies and so was the case for Jill as well. Ideally as a person you probably just want to get married once and because of that there’s no room for any mistakes whatsoever on your big day.

Countdown to the wedding with three months to go , Jill began a quick fix kind of program. All in a bid to fit in that gown that. The one that was perfect in her eyes. A new thing she had incorporated into the program was a morning run and jog her which she did religiously up until the morning of her wedding.

However, on this day in particular ( wedding day), she decided to go for her run earlier than she usually did and went out at 4:30am just so that the programs of the day would run smoothly and punctuality wouldn’t be compromised.

Just 10 minutes into the jogging, a car came ..,,

To be continued …



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  1. Oh mahn…the suspense. What car? What happened to her? Please let nothing bad happen 😒😒😒. I so need a happy ending especially of late.


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