This is the conclusion of a story I’ve told in bits thus far. You will get the flow better if you read the first and second part before reading this. So if you haven’t done so here are the links for your use.


And the second part is


If you’ve read the two above then enjoy this remaining bit

……It was a black car. That is all she could recall.(No, actually the truth is she can’t say any further about it because she’s one of those people who really doesn’t know the different models of cars ..)


Someone from inside it called up to her as if they were asking for some sort of help with the directions. Being the nice person she is , she directed the three young men to the place they had inquired about. She thought to herself that they must definitely be headed to the countryside.

She went on her way again pacing the last few metres before she could get to the house. She just kept thinking how that previous night and the morning of the wedding was full of lasts for her .. Last run as an unmarried woman .. last this .. last that ….

While opening the gate she suddenly felt someone grab her and cover her mouth that her screams were not heard. She was dragged to a vehicle which she was able to identify as the one she had seen earlier. She had fallen prey to these people who pretended they were lost but really their agenda was clear..

Perhaps if she would have just continued running and just went by minding her business she would have managed to get into the house on time.

She thought that being kidnapped was common place in the night. Not early morning just before sunrise..not on someone’s wedding day..

The fact that she was to be married that day did not even move her kidnappers. In fact they now knew who to demand ransom from.

She remained a bride to be ..

After days of capture she was eventually let go but the horrifying experience she went through have left her scarred for life. To date there’s nothing she fears as much as getting out of her house. The husband to be left her after that incident.. she says she kind understands.. it was probably hard on him too..

But now you’d find Jill in the house .. all lights always on.. all the alarms ready to go off at the slightest abnormality.. She wonders if her life will go back as it was. If she’ll finally let go of this fear.. but every night she shuts her eyes the ordeal replays again and again ..

This is actually a true story .. and it really did happen on the morning of her wedding day. You think you’ve heard it until you hear people’s stories…

Until next week. Have a lovely weekend!


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  1. Well, not the happy ending I was hoping for but at least she got away with her life. And time heals. Overtime she will learn to let people in and those shadows will disappear.
    So sad that this actually did happen to someone.


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