Week 42!

Welcome once again.

Can you believe that we have just about only 10 weeks till the year ends?

Well despite how fast or slow the weeks seem to have gone by it is always a good idea to pause and give thanks for the little things.

This week was one of those I was looking forward to. Not that there was anything special happening .. I just felt excited to wake up early on a Monday morning for once after a long time.

It made me realize that each week brings forth a new slate with it and at the end of it all we dictate the outcome of the kind of week we have. Yes, you may get some not so good news .. but how you react to it and the effect you let it have on you will make your week trash or not.

Each day of the week is too precious to live miserably. 10 more weeks to go have the most amazing weeks in your life. You deserve to at least have one good week this year. Make the weeks count and rise above the situations that seem to suck.

It’s just a bad 5 minutes, not a bad week and definitely not a bad life.


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