Dear failures, I’m gonna be real upfront and honest with you.

You have visited me in so many different forms all through my life. You have come in the form of rejections I have received whenever I applied for some opportunities.

You have come as poor grades even when I had worked hard. You have come as goals that I have failed to achieve despite all efforts made… and it goes on…..


Not only did you just come and go. You lingered for a while. You were just testing me. Testing my patience.

You led me into pits of self doubt. You led me to so many tears because I couldn’t understand just how I was supposed to go on. You led me to making comparisons. It was as if you knew that all those around me were doing well and you just wanted to rub it in.

You wanted to push me to cultivate feelings of jealousy and even envy; towards people I love. People who I should have instead been happy for.Happy for their achievements and all things that were going on for them.

You drained my energies at times.

You barred my self will and self drive from thriving.

You made those around me lose hope in me as well. Doubt me. Think that I was not serious with my life. Think that I was ungrateful for the chances given.Some even said they wish they had been the ones who were given the the chances I had because they would hav done better. I didn’t find any reason to doubt then. They would have done better I guess….

But most importantly,

I want you to know that even with all you put me through I still survived. I am stronger now. I know how to get up and recover when things don’t go my way. I have gained strength to overcome situations where my efforts didn’t pay off.

I don’t dwell on you anymore because I have goals ahead that are waiting for me. I have become resilient and you don’t bring me down so easily.

In fact,

I want to thank you because I have discovered things about myself that I never knew I had in me. I want to thank you because the thought of you won’t allow me to just stay comfortable where I am. I’m always striving to do my best.

You did not break me and you never will.

How do you feel now that I’m living my best life?


The one who overcame you !



Add yours

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