Hello there and welcome back to my blog once again. Thank you for taking time to stop by💕💕. I really appreciate that.

So a lot has happened as far as this blog is concerned. I’ve had some changes in display and also in content for instance.

Yes! Onto Change of content..

I had the self care series going on for a while and after considerable thought I’ve seen it good to revive the matter of self care. This time however it won’t be in the form of posts on my blog.

I want to start the over a cup of ..coffee, tea, hot water etc series which I’ll be having weekly on Instagram. I shall be having conversations with people with the aim of being someone’s listening ear and if necessary even meet in person and talk about it over a cup of something.

So you can share this message with anyone you know who may want to talk or just anything.

Click here  to go to my Instagram account where you can drop me a message.


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