I’ve been thinking.

When you’re one to express yourself through writing it becomes hard to separate some aspects of your private life from people.

Hear it from me, it’s so hard to not write about every little thing you experience 😂. Even worse when you’re an over-thinker well simply because there are so many thoughts rummaging through your mind.

The thought that the internet never forgets is perhaps what can make you hold back and think for a second. Then thereafter leave some of those experiences you wrote about as just drafts waiting to either be trashed or published.

Anyway, something that has been on mind is a post that I saw so many people share online just a little while back. The message behind it was that this year has been a year of clarity and specifically when it comes to friendship.

I agree with that but I just want to mention in passing that this year has been a year that has reminded me that there are still good people out there. I personally have had people who I have not even met in person assist me in ways I could never have imagined possible.

To still have people with the purest of hearts amidst us is truly a blessing!

Finally, my birthday will be here in about a week and because of that I shall do a post on lessons I have learnt in 2018. Lessons about everything from spirituality, family etc.

That will also mark the last post for the year. You really don’t want to miss out on that post. I promise. It will be raw, honest and definitely helpful.


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