Learning & Unlearning

Welcome to today’s blog post.

Happy 2019!

I can’t believe that we have made it through the whole of 2018. At times it felt as though it would never end. Especially on the days of low moments. On others we didn’t want a single second to pass. We wished the joy would last a little longer ..

……..but we have no control over time.

As promised here is a post where I share lessons I have picked up from last year. Hopefully they help you go about 2019.

Oh be careful what you share around with others.

Share only that which won’t come back to bite you. You never know when someone will bring up something you shared with them in confidence. Keep your secrets between you and God, not people. If you’ll be ashamed, hurt , feel guilty (and the likes) to admit to something you told someone later on,don’t tell them.

Seek, find and claim your peace of mind. Make peace with yourself first and thereafter make peace with others. Hardly are you able to offer that which you don’t have. It’s important to go to bed daily without any heaviness in your heart. Without guilt.

Don’t carry any baggage this year! Just dreams and goals.

Another lesson..

Not everything demands a reaction from you. Don’t fall prey to situations that are likely to bring out an ugly side of you and that of the other person. If you need to react take time to think about it. Mostly immediate reactions are so impulsive and are marred with emotion. Think things through and if need be respond only when calm. Furthermore, even if you feel you were right don’t be always on the defensive, throwing fault to the other party. Let’s be amicable in 2019!

Take risks and don’t give up easily. I remember coming across an opportunity online that was offering writing internships and at first I didn’t think I’d make it. I chose to apply anyway and lo and behold I was accepted.

Being accepted made me so happy but the fact that I was required to go to the work station daily scared me because I still had school. At that point I wanted to just give up but I chose to explain my case and see if we could come to an agreement. Sure enough that was the case. We came to an agreement. I’d be going in the afternoons to the work station and during the morning hours I’d have my classes as normal. It didn’t hurt to just be honest and “risk” looking like you are already making “excuses”.

I however understand that sometimes a lot of expectations from people and yourself can also make you feel incapable. But with the right kind of boost and support from a close friend you can come out of that feeling. It happened to me.

I remember my first semester in 2018. It was rather tough and more so academically for me. By the time I was sitting for my examinations I was prepared not to do so well but I wasn’t ready to do as bad as I did.

For a couple of times I kept thinking of just quitting school and stop “wasting” finances in my opinion as I didn’t see any point in going on. I think it was worse for me because I’m those people who believe in doing well in everything. And the thought of just seeing yourself being a failure. Not seeing yourself make it to honour list or whatever. It really broke me.

I had to talk to someone about it. Someone needed to hold me (even though not literally) because I was going to break. But here I am . I can tell you now that I chose to stay in school and now this is my final year of undergrad. (Your girl is still out here going strong ).

In 2019 we are living within our means. It’s important to get your finances right regardless of how much, how often you get it and what your source is. Let’s not get into debts for things that are unnecessary. It’s okay to say you don’t have enough cash for an event. It’s okay to not buy a new show until there’s an offer on it. Be money wise. Invest this year. Think ahead!

One liner lessons..

Please trust the character which people show you. (Imagine that’s them).

You really can’t change anyone. (It’s up to them to do so if they want).

If you’re genuine in anything you do or give then don’t wait for reciprocation. (It shouldn’t matter).

Being nice will always be better than being mean.


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  1. You have started 2019 with a bang !! I pray that you achieve your dreams for this year.
    Nice post!
    Eye opener. The take risks part am so in too!


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