Let’s Build a Reading list !

I am one person who really really loves reading books. It’s one of my favourite things to do whenever I have some time on my hands. Another thing I love is obsessing over the book shelves I see on Pinterest goodness! That is is definitely one my life goals. To have an amazing collection of books stacked pretty shelves in my house. (Can someone just reach out to me so that we obsess on this !)

So now that it’s a new year I thought I’d share some of the books I’m planning to read. Different from last year where I made a long list to last me a year, I have decided to instead make shorter lists to last me about each quarter of the year.

So for this quarter I have identified 7 books that I want to read. (I currently have some reasonable amount of time on my hands and thus it’s realistic for me to get through these books). But as the year goes along I shall be mindful of things happening .. like school etc and I shall create lists suitable to the situation.

I know when someone gets into reading, there’s always that feeling of wanting to read a lot of books. But I’d advise that you be true to yourself. Don’t neglect every other thing in your life to just read!

Here is my list for the first quarter

Still me

Everything here is beautiful

Speak no evil

An orchestra of minorities

I’m judging you

Daughters who walk this path



Leave a comment if your have a reading list for the year 😊. I’d love some considerations for the next quarters !


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