An Open Letter to SELF

To begin with greetings feels rather odd seeing as I have been with you all the days of your life. Nevertheless, simple courtesy dictates that it is prudent to do so.
I have observed the choices you’ve made, the people you’ve crossed paths with, the memories you’ve made....

I’m not happy with the fact that you let some people off easy. I hope that you have now come to understand that you can be nice and still say no. You can be kind but stay assertive.You can be understanding but still not settle for less.
I understand that you want excel. I understand that it is very disappointing to “let yourself down”. To fail to achieve all that you had set for yourself.

It breaks you to think that there is such a high standard set for you by others.. one which you have not attained.

You have even thought of leaving things halfway done because the end does not look too promising. So that you can have the leeway of saying ” if I got to the end I would have emerged the best”. But you know what? I am glad that even though sometimes it is with tears in your eyes you have chosen to get through to the end. You have not chosen the easy way out.

For that, your strength is admirable!

Photo by Emma Matthews

I have seen that you have at times chosen to live in the moment. Something that usually doesn’t come easy to you. They call it “stepping out of your comfort zone”. Being comfortable being uncomfortable. Way to go! You deserve to have moments where there is not a care on your mind.

Moments you can just take it all in.
I’m glad that you also don’t forget to catch those deep breaths when you need to.

They have often times renewed your strength to keep on with your journey. They have helped you stay sane. They have helped you stay right on track so that you have not lost yourself.

Photo by Jakob Owens

I’m happy that you know for sure the path to success(whichever meaning you attach to this word) is not narrow; neither is it single.

That despite the many voices trying to direct you to one path,yours still resounds in your mind. Understanding that you have the power of choice and in as much as you might consider other people’s opinions, ultimately the power is with you.
I hope the people around you keep filling you with love. I hope they make time for you.
I hope you have true friends. Those you can really count on.
I hope that even if sometimes they may not be in a position to understand how you choose to live your life,they may at least respect your choices.

I hope you are not postponing your joys for tomorrow. Do the things that make you happy today. I really do hope that you understand that a day on this earth is not guaranteed.

Photo by Edu Lauton

Live, Laugh and Love.


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