Milestones and Discomfort!

Photo by Sarah Gualtieri on Unsplash

The above photo is really out here to be a substitute for the “when life gives you lemons..” quote. First of all I do believe there are much better things than lemons but oh well..

So recently I just completed my final examinations for my undergraduate degree and since then I have had just a little bit of time to think about my life. It is both exciting and scary in equal measure for the following reasons. First, it’s exciting because it is indeed a milestone and probably a step closer towards one’s intended career path ( I acknowledge that this may not be the case for all for varied reasons). Then there’s that hype of securing the degree and family and friends around you are just so thrilled that you managed to get to the end.

Photo by Esther DG on Unsplash

But it’s also scary because it is change. After being used to a certain routine for a certain number of years, to just be at a point where you probably have to start doing things on your own without a structure can be really confusing. Furthermore, uncertainty on what the future holds isn’t really the most comforting thing.

In addition to that, the thought that you could have spent many years pursuing one thing and now you are not so sure about that path anymore can really be terrifying and lead to a lot of anxious thoughts. It’s even worse when those around you cannot just fathom that you lost passion and may want to go an alternate route….

But one has to move regardless. Somewhere along the way you’re sure to find your path.

“There exists a great uncertainty that comes with life. It is like a tree, its roots formed below the surface, its body penetrating a layer of top soil, its roots spreading outward, and affecting the domain it inhabits. With this natural uncertainty one feels lost, almost incapable of discovering his or her own true purpose. With all of this, one begins to search for that true purpose, always unsure if it is the right path. These feelings come from within, fueled by a catalyst that instills these doubts. However, with its great power, the catalyst is undefinable and unyielding. It is then within question if one can truly move away from the catalyst or really understand how one should feel when affected by it.”

– Aubrey Williams-


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