I feel like I’m finally easing into the year and what better way to show that than to have a new blog post up.

If I’m being completely honest, I have had some pretty slow days after the festivities were over where I really wasn’t too keen on jumping into the new year buzz but now I’m feeling a little more centered and grounded.

Here’s why 👇🏾

I have finally planned out what I want my year to look like. It hasn’t been easy. It has involved intense self reflection and the uncovering of some hidden emotions and feelings such as those of disappointments over goals not achieved and others.

I’ve always been the person who plans out my year yes but mostly  it has always just been mental. Nothing written down or typed somewhere. Nothing tangible to go back to look up and check out.

However, by the time last year was ending I knew I’d want to go the drawing up a vision board way and see just how this year turns out because it got to a point as I was reflecting on last year, I suddenly started to remember a few things that I had set out to achieve but had not even remembered during the year. A situation that probably would not have been the case had I put it in writing and perhaps reviewed the status of my goals after each quarter for instance.

With that said, and with the board in place I am looking forward to have a pretty awesome year if I do say so myself. But as with all good things, there’s work to be done.This is the year we all win – I saw this statement make rounds on social media and I approve the message.

So here’s a few things I think we can try and do to make sure we live this year better than the last one.

Putting in the work

I am trying to see how I can echo this the loudest but just listen to me, you have to work for stuff. Even if it seems like you can get into places easily, it’s the work that keeps you there. Don’t be lazy.  (This is where you make a mental note to search for quotes on working hard).

Communicating effectively

This includes a range of things. Emotions and feelings for instance. Say what you feel and be clear about it. Sometimes you may be tolerating certain actions that annoy you and this will show in other aspects of your life. You can become irritable just because you’re harbouring all these emotions.

On the same wavelength of communication, just say what you want to say and mean it. This year we’re not telling people what they want to hear. Don’t yes yourself to all the work in the room just because. Totally not worth it boo.

Creating time to take care of ourselves

Self check-ins are crucial and essential. This is the year we take breaks when we need to. No waiting for ourselves to experience burnout so that we know we need a break. As we make plans to meet up with friends, let’s also have the same energy for ourselves. Solo escapades- be it spa dates, trips … are totally worth it. They’re all the hype.

Developing healthy habits

I personally know my unhealthy habits that I’ve been cultivating and carrying along with me each year. (No I’m not about to put myself on blast by stating them). However, I’m being honest with myself to acknowledge that they are there and I need to work on them. Part of being honest with myself is knowing that it will take time to change and I cannot work on all of them at once. So for you as well, do the same. Do you speak yourself down ? Do you highlight others’ insecurities… just think within yourself and do the necessary.

Let’s be good humans to ourselves and others too !

Learning and unlearning

Bye bye ignorance. What we’re not doing is giving opinions and making decisions for the sake of it. We’re making informed decisions. Period !

Also once we know (learn) better, we are doing better.

So there’s money 

We’re making money this year and making it work for us. This is the year we learn how to make money work for us, how to save, invest and still have some left for pleasure. The year we learn to be honest with friends when we cannot afford stuff at certain times because it’s not in the budget.

We journey to financial freedom this year. Let’s not leave you behind.

I have most definitely not exhausted things we can do to make us live this year better so you can leave a comment and tell me what you’re doing this year to live better.

Let’s all have the best year yet.


Catch you later.


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  1. This is amazing! What a better way of starting the year than this! I’m working on self awareness, fostering healthy relationships, financial freedom and last but not least spiritual revival 😊

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  2. Ventura!! I couldn’t agree more with you on the above. I’m working on showing up as my best self daily and not procrastinating. Catch ya later sis 😉

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    1. Hey
      Thank you for your question
      My disclaimer is that first and foremost I’m not an expert
      But as you’ve said you’ve not been ready – to me that reads that there are probably certain things that could be unsettled and they’re are what are making you feel unready , they could also be unresolved emotions
      So I’d just advice you to make peace with whatever is holding you back
      If you need let go of anything do it
      If you need to heal do it
      Don’t put a ticking time lapse on yourself to get there
      Small steps everyday
      You need not start with a whole set out plan for the year
      But it could be something maybe you do tomorrow
      Small steps they do count
      And remember you don’t have to compare yourself to others
      So even if it’s one thing you want to work on this year
      That’s a plan right there
      Being better than you were yesterday, magnificent!

      I however would like to talk you more .. cause I have some things I’d like to ask you privately so if you don’t mind you can email me at : venturakireki@gmail.com
      If you’re not comfortable it’s okay and I hope what I have said has helped even if a bit. ❤️


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