Mahn, I should have bought that tripod the first time the thought came to my mind. But here I am right now begging my sister to take my photos every now and then because I’m still trying to be as me as I possibly can despite the current situation. Don’t ask me why the photos are not making it online, save for like one or two..

And that ring light ? What was the reason I did not get it ?

Photo by Yoann Siloine on Unsplash

Have I mentioned that currently I’m just adding to cart but not checking out because well.. where is the money?

Anyway, it’s a worthwhile exercise revealing extensively the things I want but definitely don’t need and CANNOT afford. You should try it sometime. And don’t check out ! You probably also don’t need it.

Photo by OneSave/Day on Unsplash

Hello though 😊.

I’ve definitely missed being on these blogging streets but to be honest I’ve been struggling with the idea of whether it’s appropriate to still keep sharing content because I really can’t be sure of the situation of whoever gets to read this…but I just decided I won’t overthink it and here we are.

How have your schedules been ?

Personally sleeping time for me is anywhere between 4am and 7am. Waking up time is between 1pm and 2pm and I’m actually enjoying it. I do however transition over the weekend to the other cycle. You know, the one of observing day and night as they come.


Aaah well there’s a lot I thought I’d be doing but trust me making a debut on tiktok was not going to be it but hey. You can find me there if you search… no way I’m putting a direct link there.

I’ve also currently been reading some poetry book that I have been loving.

If you enjoy some poetry you might like this. I would definitely recommend. I could give you a whole list of such books as well, so if you’re interested just tell me.

I’m mourning :

Not graduating yet

Not being able to have some of my girls over for a slumber party that was going to be so dope, themed and everything. It was going to be full of meaningful conversations and hearty laughters. And lots of food. We’ll still make it happen ladies.

Easter just went by and you guessed it, I had plans too.

End of this month, I had plans to have a great out of town retreat but it’s not happening now

And are you kidding me? I definitely feel bad. And it’s okay for you to feel bad about anything that you were looking forward to as well. It’s hard to try and find the light when all around us is darkness and that’s fine.

But you know what’s not okay ?

To suffer alone with all the thoughts that may be crippling you about anything whatsoever. I recognize that someone may be having anxiety, going through depression, battling a toxic environment among many things.

I’m here to listen and you can reach out to me on any of my socials which you’ll find once you scroll down to “personal links”. You can share this post too, you never know who may just be looking for someone to talk to. I may not give professional advice but I will hear you.

And If you’d like to just chat, we can also catch up in the comments. I really have all the time.Lemme hear how you’re doing, for real.

Thank you to all who have been checking up on me. Those asking when there’ll be a new post. It’s nice to know people interact with your content. Y’all are amazing.

Let’s keep staying safe.

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Taking a day at a time and living my best life 💕

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