It’s scary sometimes; The Uncertainty!

Sometimes I share on things that I struggle with. Sometimes it turns out that other people struggle with them too. However, I’m not usually able to give solutions. I think that sucks but sometimes even before we get to the solution, there’s a journey of processing and healing that must happen (and still keeps happening – and that’s important too).

“What’s yours will find you” – aaah perhaps you too have come across this phrase. It’s supposed to be a reassuring statement I believe. One that should keep you calm, promise a certainty, relieve you of doubts and worry.


Wheeew! It doesn’t do that for me. When will what’s meant for me find me ? If it finds me 20 years from now, won’t I have waited too long for crying out loud ?

The uncertainty of it all is scary. But there are days that even with all that we somehow still give our best efforts to everything that we do. We do things even when we’re not certain about the outcome. We do things even when we’re afraid. Sometimes even if the only thing that is certain is the effort you gave, it’s enough….

With that said, I’m in that situation of uncertainty. Trying to venture out and trying new things. People commonly state this as “stepping out of your comfort zone”. I have an Instagram page that has for a while now been dedicated to this blog. I now want to expand the content I share there and I would really appreciate it if you would also join me there. I will be doing IGTV videos on a variety of topics .

For the link to the page – Click here!

You can also share with your friends and if you would like a video touching on any topic feel free to leave a comment on the same.

Thank you for supporting my blog, I hope we grow together 💛.


13 thoughts on “It’s scary sometimes; The Uncertainty!

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  1. That’s a big stride there! All the best Chichi!

    What subjects are you looking to explore on the IGTV? I have several burning requests that may or may not be out of your line of interest 😅

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      1. Top of my list was Imposter Syndrome, and I saw you already have it lined up.

        Please do something on quarter life crisis, Solitude/burn out from huma energy (you wrote about it in the last blog post, and I’d like to hear more.
        Lastly for now, matters social justice, governance and all.

        Also, please do podcast reviews if you’re in that space already.

        I have a long list😂

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      2. I feel conpelled to mention this now, maybe it can be in the pipeline for loooooong term plans😅😅

        What do you think about a male perspective on gender inequality, feminism, patriarchy, gender based violence and all?

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