I really just got on here to do one of those taking stock posts again because to be honest I really love them and of course there’s gonna be different responses each time.


here you go if you want to know what’s been going on from my end.

Making : memories whenever I can!

Cooking : for myself because I can’t afford a personal chef yet. Let me not even lie, I actually like cooking. But I’d still want a chef sometimes.

Drinking : less than the recommended daily water intake. But sometimes I really try for real. Like for real for real.

Reading: through people’s captions on social media.

Next read: will definitely be “Chameleon Aura” by Billy Chapata. It’s being shipped so you can imagine just how anxious I am for it to be here already. Mainly you can check his Instagram because trust me you it’s that one page you didn’t know you needed to follow. Click here to do so.

Wanting: to do so much more with my life. I’m glad I still have time to do all that. #Godspeed

Looking: for someone special who wants to make me happy and all. On the real though, I’m currently just looking forward to getting through the next few months so that I can be down with school.

Playing: nothing and I also don’t play.

Deciding: what hairstyle to do next is really tough in case you didn’t know. I won’t even get into the details.

Wishing: people would be more sensitive and kind to others. Think before you speak any hurtful words or words you’d also not want to hear from someone else. Try to also just understand where people are coming from and if you can’t don’t be rude about it.

Liking: the fact that is there a supermarket near me. I can just literally just walk to it.

Wondering: how my friends or people I know describe me to strangers. Like what do you say?

Loving: some blueberry muffins from that supermarket near me.

Pondering: on how I will go to this country that’s really beautiful before this year ends. To God’s ears.

Hoping: to inspire people with how I live my life each day.

Needing: a personal photographer or something. I want to post some shoots up on this blog guys. Help.

Worrying: less, praying more.

Noticing: that a lot of people have the habit of not speaking out most of the time. I’m also like that probably most of the times. Is it good? I don’t think so.

Knowing: that God’s got me makes all the difference.

Thinking: I need to figure everything out within a certain period of time.

Admiring: people whose phones have no cracks or scratches. Must be nice huh!

Getting: into the habit of not quitting.

Bookmarking: google scholar and related sites because…. Research Paper! Can I also add pinning tabs to this list ?

Opening: my mouth to yawn and eat ? Okay and speak of course.

Giggling: at anything I find funny. Isn’t that obvious?

Feeling: a lot of love from people around me. It’s a great feeling! Also it definitely shows because one looks and is happier.

Snacking: on some honey dunked chicken wings because they’re so good. Also they’re classified as snacks from where I ordered them so yeah.



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