Hear me out.

Do you ever have these moments that you feel like a stranger in your own life ? Sometimes I do. I have been having those moments where I don’t feel very present in the things that I’m doing. A week would end and if someone asked me how the week was, I would honestly not have a response. Well at least not a very honest one. In fact I would ask myself, “Where were you this week?”.

It’s like having a conversation with someone and you’re literally half asleep. You can barely hear what they say. The more than 3 seconds of silence is usually the cue for you to respond and say “mmmh yeah” but you don’t even know what they said.

Later when you talk again when you’re more alert, they’d mention something and be like “Remember when I was telling about …..” And you just know it must have been one of those times you weren’t present ..

I think sometimes that’s the downside of planning out all your time to do stuff . Surviving on to-do lists without allowing free time for you to do (no)things is not it. It should not be it FOR YOU. You should still do things that make you feel alive and happy. Things that are SO YOU.

This is just a reminder to all of us to always create time for ourselves. Direct your life, don’t let things do that for you instead.


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