This is the 100th blog post I’m publishing and to be honest, it is wild!

I can’t believe it. Publishing 100 blog posts is such a big deal to me. It doesn’t necessarily mean that these are the only posts I’ve ever written. There are a number of posts that never made it here, posts that were trashed for different reasons. But even so, the fact that I still managed to just decide to put my stuff out here 100 times just makes me so happy.

I’m so grateful for the growth, for the journey and for the support you who’s reading has shown to my blog. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.

And for that I’ll share with you a good number of random facts about me and my life.

  1. I wish I was shorter sometimes.
  2. Number 2 is my second favourite number.
  3. Chances are whenever you meet me on a day that my skin is struggling it’s because I’ve recently consumed dairy.
  4. There’s a time in my life when I really thought I had it in me to sing until some audition happened back in high school. I was even a whole song writer might I add. However, I have come to gracefully live with my L.
  5. I dislike my middle name.
  6. I love online shopping, especially for clothes. Rarely do they not fit.
  7. 7 is my favourite number.
  8. I wish I could maintain really long nails.
  9. I don’t like carrying a bag around.
  10. When I’m angry, I press my teeth against each other.
  11. If I wanted to I could consistently braid my own hair but I can’t suffer like that. Too much arm work for me.
  12. I think you should follow my page venturablogs on Instagram.
  13. I haven’t read all the books I’ve bought but I promise you I have the potential to still buy more.
  14. I think one of the hardest things to do is making calculated financial risks.
  15. My top love language is quality time. I think some people who know me may presume it’s gifts, but that’s not it. Gifts are still a good gesture that I can appreciate either way.
  16. I lowkey want to be a bridesmaid at someone’s wedding at least once in my life you know.
  17. When I was young I really wanted to be a news anchor.
  18. I hope to one day get into design and styling.
  19. I would have a tattoo if my pain tolerance wasn’t nil.
  20. If there’s something I will always pay for, it’s convenience.
  21. I truly admire people who practice veganism.
  22. I love reading hardcover books but deep down I usually feel guilty because paper comes from trees you know.
  23. I love watching documentaries on African Leaders and let me tell you, some have actually ripped my heart apart.
  24. I wish people didn’t have expectations of firstborns and specifically firstborn daughters (cause that’s what I can relate with). I didn’t come to this world to have my life apparently be the reference point for those coming after me. For instance if a first born fails to go through with University then it’s like all doom and gloom for the rest because you didn’t set the pace? The list is so long that I could actually write a post or do a video about it. Can we honestly just stop. Who even started calling us deputy parents ? Just let us live our best lives devoid of these expectations. I hope anyone who reads this and gets/has children does better.
  25. Even though I absolutely love chocolate, I can’t stand white chocolate and chocolate flavoured ice cream.
  26. In my world, the mars chocolate bar is better than the snicker bar. @ me
  27. When I’m deep in thought or paying really close attention, I suck my lower lip.
  28. If I was to dress up (in a costume) as anyone, it would be Cleopatra.
  29. One thing about me, I will cry. I’m emotional and that’s okay.
  30. My favourite social media app is Twitter.
  31. Mangoes are my fav fruits.
  32. I am not a morning person.
  33. Tea over coffee for me.
  34. The next kitchen appliance I am dying to get is an airfryer.
  35. I have a huge fear of needles.
  36. I don’t have this whole career path stuff figured out incase someone thinks I have. There is so much I want to do. I’ve mentioned a few of those earlier in this list.
  37. One of the best compliments someone has ever given me is telling me I look athletic. It just made me so happy. It does not matter if you think that’s untrue.
  38. I don’t like competing in games or anything because I honestly can’t stand most people’s competitive sides. It’s almost scary sometimes to be honest.
  39. My arms were biggest physical insecurity for a long time.
  40. I truly don’t like colour pink.
  41. My phone is always on silent mode unless I am expecting a call from someone (someone who has given me a heads up that they intend to call) or it’s a season of me making applications so I’m expecting to be called for an interview or something.
  42. I was actually gonna be named Eve.
  43. My birthday is on christmas eve so that should explain the previous point.
  44. If I don’t restrain myself I can send obnoxiously long voice notes. I usually have so much to say.
  45. My current favourite phrase that I got off a video on Instagram is ” No one is above blocking”. And that’s facts my people.
  46. I don’t like paying in cash, it’s always been mobile money or card for me.
  47. My worst perfume buy in my opinion and as per my preference is Black Opium by YSL.
  48. I have 2 siblings.
  49. I would love to visit all the countries in the word, but I’m okay with at least a country in each continent for now.
  50. Cereal before milk please.
  51. I like to believe that I have a pretty small wrist (smaller than average). If only my waist followed suit.
  52. K-drama made me think it acceptable to watch films with subtitles.
  53. I prefer burgers over pizza.
  54. This year a book I’ve enjoyed reading honestly is “Hum if You Don’t Know the Words. The book review is one of my recent posts.
  55. The next book I plan to buy is – London Capetown Joburg by Zukiswa Wanner.
  56. I use dark mode on my phone.
  57. I reapply my sunscreen and so should you.
  58. Protective hairstyle over open hair for me.


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