BLOGMAS – #Day 1

Festive Greetings !

This year I’ve decided to do the 12 blogs to Christmas and I am honestly so excited for this. I don’t know why I’ve never done this previously but I guess there’s a first time for everything and I also felt up to it this time round.

For day 1 of BLOGMAS I’m sharing what I remember from each month this year.


This is the month I travelled for the first time in the year. I did a solo trip to Zanzibar and it was amazing! It’s definitely one of those places that I look forward to going back to again and again.


This month I officially began studying at the Kenya School of Law. It was also when I attended the Big Brunch that was organized by EatOutKe – dress code was pajamas. It was an outdoor brunch with such a beautiful set up and I was so ready to go for many more editions!


I also did brunch this month. Actually it was called “drunch”. It was just good vibes you know. It was also the month I was meant to officially graduate but then we started reporting Covid cases in Kenya and thus the graduation couldn’t happen. I did however attend our graduation dinner and that was probably the last social setting I was in for a while.


Well, with all the time in my hands I actually decided to give tiktok a try. I believe I have like 3 videos on there now but I did delete some.


I graduated virtually! I actually woke up so late for this but just in time to hear my name lol. I’m gutted by the fact that I didn’t do a graduation shoot and all. I was also looking forward to graduation monies but ..


Since the pandemic, this was the first time I left the house to meet people. I could have actually cried.


This is when I officially started watching K-drama and got so hooked on it. For someone who thought I’d never be those people reading subtitles ever this was such a huge thing.


Went for a staycation at a hotel here in Nairobi and it was a pretty awesome weekend. I also received the most amazing pastry box – I thoroughly indulged. This is the month I also started doing IGTV videos.


My highlight for me was actually meeting Stella Nyanzi. Like oh my goodness, I just couldn’t believe it. It was great. I also made a trip to the coast this month.


I got my fav hairstyle of the year so far. I really loved that hairstyle. It was a derivative of the Fulani braids – shorter version and with beads.


I did my oral exams and officially started my break.


It’s too early to probably pin point one thing I remember but this is my birthday month and I’m definitely looking forward to that.

What I’ve shared does not to a greater extent actually represent all that has happened this year but it is a decent summary. My gallery also came through for some of these months.

Leave a comment on maybe some of the things you remember that happened in your life this year.

See you again tomorrow for BLOGMAS day 2 !


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